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CDN by the Sea: Bergen, Norway

15 Jun 2022 | Science Notes

It recently occurred to us that we have been using sea levels data collected in Liverpool UK on our virtual tour of sunny and not so sunny beachfronts. But we hadn’t paid them a visit yet so we ferried ‘cross the Mersey and looked for local records. Unfortunately their modern data only began in the 1990s, and is missing most years after 2004, so we sailed on, north around the UK coast, only finding scattered and incomplete tide gauge records, past the Orkneys and finally washed up in Bergen, Norway where a long tide gauge record exists with only one missing year. (And no, it’s not redundant because of our visit to Tromso; they are almost 2000 kilometres apart even if you cut across the fjords. Norway has quite the coastline.) On making shore we announced to the locals that they’d better take cover because their sea level is rising by just over 1 mm per year and will hit a full meter in only 905 years. Maybe “Dere bør ta dekning” isn’t right, though, because they seem to be going about their business unperturbed.

Maybe the problem is that the chart gives the impression that the entire increase happened in the gap year of 1988 where there is no data. Sort of like what happened to the solar intensity data during the ACRIM gap, the subject of our recent video. We like to think we’re following the science at CDN, but it gets tricky when the science has a habit of disappearing and then reappearing somewhere else.

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  1. I have noticed recently that all your embedded charts and graphics appear blurry in my browser. Compare the chart in this article and the one for the AMOC in the last article to the one for: https://climatediscussionnexus.com/2022/01/19/1920-or-2020-adelaide-australia-edition/
    There is a big difference in clarity and readability. It would be OK if you could click on the graphic and see it in higher resolution, but you can't. Thank you for all your diligent reporting.

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