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01 Jun 2022 | OP ED Watch

The establishment environmental movement gazes into its sweaty navel and asks “Is it OK to accept money from fossil fuel companies?” Nice to have that luxury. But see even if oil companies buy into alarmism and promise to become carbon neutral and try to hand you their money they are evil scheming wretches. To which we say if the people trying to kill you won’t even take your money to help pay for the execution and burial, send us some instead. People keep saying you’re funding us and giving us both the stink-eye over it. So you might as well. Even a small donation to CDN will do you a lot more good than a big gleaming heap of Danegeld to well-heeled climate alarmists. Plus we actually like you enough to stay in the same room, until we need to run out to cash your cheques.

The story, from the New York Times’ “Climate Forward” (we told you these former rebels have long since gone establishment), notes that “At Stanford University, the question is ringing loud. This month, hundreds of students, faculty members and alumni, in an open letter, called on the university’s new climate school to decline funding from fossil fuel companies.” What triggered them was the “inaugural dean” of the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability telling a Times reporter they would graciously accept tribute from companies “that want to diversify and be part of the solution.”

As Charlie Chan once said, making bedfellow of serpent no protection against snakebite. Seems taking filthy lucre “from an industry with ‘a proven record of actively obscuring the scientific consensus on climate change,’ the letter said, ‘presents a conflict of interest.’” Given how alarmists actively obscure the lack of scientific consensus on climate change it’s a bit rich.

Stanford is also rich in other ways, like financially, so rich it can spurn filthy petrodollars even as alarmists mutter about deniers having all the money. But hey, oil companies, if they hate you so much they won’t even let you give them the rope with which to hang them, we know someone who will.

It’s a list that’s short and getting shorter. The Times adds that “Two environmental nonprofit groups, Stand.earth and 350.org, started a website to keep track of divestment pledges from universities, banks, companies and even Queen Elizabeth II. So far, the list includes more than 1,500 institutions and businesses worth some $40 trillion. (The New York Times accepts advertising from fossil fuel companies.)” But that noted sage and luminary António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, just told commencement at New Jersey’s Seton Hall University “Don’t work for climate wreckers. Use your talents to drive us toward a renewable future.”

You do not win a diploma for guessing the approximate size of his carbon footprint, by the way.

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