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What you see is what you get

24 Nov 2021 | News Roundup

We at CDN discourage anyone from talking, and thinking, in terms of vast conspiracies, hoaxes and the like because people generally have their hands full trying to fulfil their obvious responsibilities. Frequently more than full. It is hard enough to get four friends in one place for dinner on Saturday, now try to get 400 lined up to execute a complex plot to take over the global financial system. That even prominent people might secretly be pulling off some world-historic scam and neatly hiding the evidence is simply not compatible with what we know of our fellows or, let’s be frank, ourselves. Where did we put our glasses again? And as further proof that the supposed organizers of said plots inevitably turn out not to be up to even far less daunting tasks we give you… President Biden. Who, after many resolute steps to make fossil fuels scarce and unaffordable, suddenly finds the price of gas rising and declares that it must be a plot. See? Maybe there’s a simpler explanation.

As Charles Cooke scowled in National Review, “Simultaneously Biden has taken to arguing (a) that the United States should reduce the production of fossil fuels, curb the number of new pipelines on American soil, limit the amount of federal land on which oil and gas can be drilled, and, as CNN puts it, break sharply ‘from the Trump administration’s mission to maximize fossil fuels production’; (b) that other countries must produce more fossil fuels for American use at once — and, indeed, that at this ‘critical moment in the global recovery,’ their refusal to do so is irresponsible; and (c) that, actually, this isn’t a supply issue at all, but a dastardly gouging issue that the FTC must investigate post-haste. I’ve heard of an ‘all of the above’ energy policy, but this one seems a touch ridiculous.”

Oil companies make good villains, to be sure. And have since Ida Tarbell’s 1904 The History of the Standard Oil Company that helped get that firm broken up seven years later without noting that John D. Rockefeller’s aggressive entrepreneurship had dramatically reduced the cost of oil, an enormous benefit to the middle class and working people. But the point isn’t really who’s a ratfink. It’s whether we want to make gasoline and other fossil fuels so expensive that people cannot afford them in order to save the planet and, if we do, whether we shall then be surprised and stunned to find that people cannot afford them and that it hurts.

Judging by the president’s panicky reaction, the answers are yes and yes. And we cannot help noting that given the flooding crisis in BC, an urgent priority is to get more rather than less fossil fuels to beleaguered residents. Almost as though our lifestyles and even our lives depended on them.

8 comments on “What you see is what you get”

  1. You are either incredibly and dangerously naive or you are controlled opposition. Either way, I thank you for showing yourself. Bye.

    1. Goodness knows how you managed to run an entire Greek nation state with a mindset like that...better to engage in proper debate, and instruct us as to how the opinions stated are so wrong...?

  2. Don't you just love the previous email? Basically saying again, "Don't bother me with facts, I've made up my mind. If you don't agree with me, you're wrong. Bye."

  3. The Biden admin has ordered 50 million bbl of crude be released from the Strategic Reserve. 18 million to be released mid-Dec. The balance of 32 milion over the following months. OPEC+ has said 'we were going to raise production...but if you want to use your reserves to lower prices....go ahead"

  4. For a nation that consumes 20,000,000 barrels per day and that the strategic reserve (SR) can only furnish 4,400,000 per day, this will be the equivalent of a naked short position because unless they plan on a depleted SR, they will have to cover it, likely at higher prices in the future. Limiting, discouraging, maligning, and financial starving the production of the most critical resource on the planet while expecting it's price to drop is another definition of insanity. With or without CAGW hysteria, continued human prosperity requires an eventual reliable, feasible, and ideally clean alternative to fossil fuels and until the powers that be realize that its name is nuclear power, the insanity will continue.

  5. I believe that the scariest part about the climate change religion is that it has become a powerful tool in the hands of any politician to use for his or her own agendas by simply invoking it's name. What am I saying? No politician has ever had hidden agendas or says stuff just to play the angles. Just recently , Calgary city council voted to declare a state of Climate Emergency. Why, you might ask? Because, in the words of Calgary's new Mayor; “We want to lead by example and set up Calgary as a global centre of excellence which will send this great message to world capital markets.” Can you say; "virtue signaling?"

  6. Dr Robson, I've quite enjoyed your videos. Your dry sense of humor is a perfect counter point to the absurd antics of the Alarmists. But I suspect you under estimate some of those behind this. Have you investigated the World Economic Forum for example? They are very upfront about their agenda. Then tie in all of the powerful groups that work with them. Its a very tangled web, that leads through most of the various seats of power in the modern world. Given that they share the same world view, it should be no surprise that they act in concert. Conspiracies don't have to be deep dark secrets. Especially given the control of the mass and social media that exists. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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