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Back to 1920 or 2020?

10 Nov 2021 | 1920 or 2020, Science Notes

The little town of Donnybrook boasts the largest free-entry playground in Australia, the Apple Fun Park. And in addition to its feisty name, it also has a very long temperature record, which means we can bring you the 2020 daily temperature record overlaid on the 1920 record, and you get to guess which is which. If you can’t tell, the answer is below.

Here’s the answer:

If you couldn’t tell which is which you’re just not paying attention to the climate emergency. Better luck next week.

2 comments on “Back to 1920 or 2020?”

  1. Compelling evidence (although local) that will never see the light of day. Would prefer to also get the raw data to analyze.

  2. And, yet again, shows that summer peak temperature unchanged, but slightly warmer in winter. Which is most likely just individual years weather - but, if it is a trend - whats not to like?

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