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So about that storm

17 Feb 2021 | News Roundup

Or rather storms. Beginning in mid-December, it was as clear as it ever is with weather forecasting that something nasty was coming. Something cold, and cold kills more people than heat. Something that would make us very glad we had reliable energy sources, scrambling to find some if we could or, as Ronald Stein warned and Germans learned, very sorry we did not. It hit, and hit again, with another massive storm in January, possibly the worst in 30 years in the United States and unusually tenacious as well, plunging oil-rich Texas into energy crisis as windmills froze. It seems children know what snow is after all. Even in Seattle.

On February 12 the Weather Network warned “Canada set to endure the most widespread cold this century” and by February 13 it gasped that “2021 threatens the unheard of – Canada’s capitals all plunge below freezing”. In the UK, as cold hammered the entire Northern Hemisphere for weeks in a regional blip, they had the coldest temperature in 25 long hot years (in Braemar, a.k.a. my winter coat’s in the Highlands) or possibly in 70, while Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir had and Dallas braced for its lowest in 30. And Alberta set or tied no fewer than 53 all-time cold records.

If these were record highs, you know what they’d say: proof of climate change. Any idiot can see it. Shut up and do as you’re told by “science”. But since they’re record lows instead, you know what they say: nothing. Bupkis. Or that it’s proof of climate change. Or never mind your own eyes, children soon won’t know what snow is. And yes, even the story we mentioned last week about record cold in Thailand, with elephants being given sweaters, was predictably blamed on warming.

Meanwhile the UN showed its seriousness by distributing a survey via games like Angry Birds to show that vox populi vox climate change. On which subject the Guardian included the patronising woke comment that “The reason why more men and boys said there was a climate emergency than women and girls in countries such as Nigeria and Vietnam may be because girls have less access to education in those places.”

The alarmists shout down critics, cancel skeptics and, when that doesn’t work, they cheat, for instance changing the results of the famous 2007 debate between skeptics Michael Crichton, Richard Lindzen and Philip Stott against alarmists Brenda Ekwurzel, Gavin Schmidt and Richard Somerville. Meanwhile out the window there’s a raging snowstorm not a boiling hurricane. And if it doesn’t matter to them, it matters to the people affected by it.

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  1. It just goes to prove that the climate is an unpredictable variable system which no amount of speculation will change it's course. As for the latest cold snap,we had a covering of about 8 inches here in Fife,Scotland. Nothing abnormal here since we are still in Winter. Later this year the Climate conference is due here and I look forward to see them arrive from around the world in their wind powered balloons and sailing ships!

  2. Thank you for posting truth. I'm aware that climate change is part of human history, earth's history. I studied in ice cores on Greenland scientists estimated as dating back 60 million years, they found evidence of dirt. Which they believe represent ice ages at roughly 10,000 year intervals long before humans occupied earth.

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