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Putin supports renewables

16 Sep 2020 | News Roundup

At least he does when other countries go all in on them and end up dependent on Russian natural gas as a consequence. Chancellor Angela Merkel, the pseudo-conservative architect of Germany’s disastrous Energiewende which even Wikipedia admits has some serious flaws, is a staunch proponent of the $11-billion Nord Stream pipeline to increase Western European dependence on Russian gas while isolating Ukraine and allowing Vladimir Putin to turn off the tap if, say, she objects to his next conquest. Her energy policy turned out to be so disastrous that only by bankrolling Putin’s distorted plans for world prominence can she cover the hole left by shutting down Germany’s nuclear plants and betting the farm on wind and solar. Her constituents, and her nation’s energy industry, need that Russian gas.

There seem to be a lot of things wrong with Germany's energy plan economically, calling into question once again the capacity of governments to foresee the future when it comes to energy or, dare we add, weather. But the strategic folly also needs attention. There is no more fundamental duty of government than the security of its citizens, and the German government in fueling the strange delusions of grandeur emanating from Russia’s macho former KGB president-for-life has failed to take them into account. As indeed have many governments who do not manage to connect a few pretty basic dots from their people needing energy to becoming dependent for it on tyrants thus weakening their strategic position badly.

For instance, what if a leading Russian opponent of autocratic rule were, say, poisoned using the same nerve agent employed against former double agent Sergei Skripal, and the Kremlin employed the same strategy of brazen lies and implied threats. Would it be a good time to need to bow and scrape to ensure fuel in winter, because you didn’t believe that famous German engineering could make a safe nuclear reactor? Now to be fair, Germany has had three nuclear accidents in its history, claiming a grand total of zero lives, and over the past three decades a frightening… none at all. But still, no price is too high to pay to… what exactly was it all for again?

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  1. It was Dr. Hermann Scheer, "a German politician and renewable energy evangelist" according to this article- https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2011/11/09/planting_the_seeds_of_green_energy.html
    -who influenced the Dalton McGuinty government in Ontario, back in 2011 to invest in industrial scale wind turbines in rural communities. This is how our Great Lakes shoreline communities were sacrificed to the wind industry. Many names are dropped in the article. It's worth reading.

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