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1919 or 2019? Vancouver Edition

08 Jul 2020 | 1919 or 2019, Science Notes

The mountains around Vancouver are beautiful to behold. But they also capture the moist winds off the Pacific and create a lot of rain. So when the sun is out you'd better enjoy the view while you can, because soon it will be shrouded again in fog and clouds. Rain is a fact of life on the wet coast and it has been for a long time. At least since 1919, as our chart shows. As always we haven't labeled which year is good-old-days 1919 and which year is climate-emergency 2019, so try to guess before clicking on the link for the answer, and if you can't tell the difference, that ought to tell you something about the alleged crisis.

As the answer shows, 1919 was wetter than 2019, but it rained a lot in both years, and will continue to as long as the mountains are there, CO2 or no CO2.

2 comments on “1919 or 2019? Vancouver Edition”

  1. Ah! Wednesday morning! Climate nexus!
    One bright beautiful happening in a week of whatever this is we are experiencing.
    And I don't have to wear a mask! Or check my heart-rate or worry about my pronoun usage - just smile back at Dr. R who looks like
    an environmental Mr Rogers in his comfortable togs and always makes me feel better.
    The weather chart always good for a laugh and the best is yet to come.
    Thank you

  2. John knows that we have only a 50:50 chance of getting this right. With the temperature trace it was a little easier remembering 2019 's weather pattern. Still fun to highlight the climate change absurdity though.

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