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Observe how the dead coral is alive

20 May 2020 | News Roundup

In a remarkable display of Akerue, which is Eureka backwards, some scientists decided to save coral from the human race by warming it in a tank so it adapts and then maybe using the new heat-resistant strain to save coral from the human race. The strange thing is, it did adapt. Fast. Without any help. Proving that if you heat coral up, it adapts. Tank not needed. Hey, wait a minute.

As Eric Worrall asks as dryly as is possible when the subject is submerged: “My question, and I know it might seem radical; do you think it is possible that if the entire ocean warms up, natural selection on a global scale might rapidly replicate what scientists managed to achieve by heat stressing algae in their lab tank?” Well, yes. Which presumably explains why coral has flourished over many millions of years when it was much warmer than it is today. It’s called evolution. And it’s called evidence.

Indeed, the real puzzle is how anyone convinced themselves that coral could not adapt to warmer water unless you went into the tank for it and then were surprised to find that it could, and even then didn’t notice that their experiment proved the opposite of what they were expecting.

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