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1919 or 2019? Nicolet Edition

20 May 2020 | 1919 or 2019, Science Notes

Bienvenue à Nicolet! Nestled midway between Montreal and Quebec City on the St. Lawrence south shore, this quaint town at the terminus of the Nicolet River has a continuous temperature record back to 1913. As always we show the 1919 and 2019 daily mean temperatures but we don’t label the curves. Lequel est 1919?

Voila! C’est la ligne orange.

For some reason there is a large missing segment from late August to late October in the 2019 record. Maybe the climate emergency was so bad the thermometer broke. But for the rest of the year, if you were trying to guess which was the warmer climate, bonne chance.

3 comments on “1919 or 2019? Nicolet Edition”

  1. The gap: No worries. We don't need to measure temperature anymore. We use models to fill in the missing data. It's more certain that way.

  2. I saw the gap in the blue curve, and assumed it was from earlier times, but I was 100% wrong...

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