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Chilly down there?

06 May 2020 | News Roundup

As we emerge belatedly from winter in Ottawa and much of North America, if not from quarantine, spare a thought for Australia. Hammered by wildfires widely if improperly attributed to the rising temperature due to man-made climate change, and then the pandemic and lockdown, it’s now experiencing… what’s this? Freezing temperatures? Heavy snowfall? An early winter? Terrible. What a time for the new normal never-ending heat waves suddenly to end.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which like all government media is all in on climate change, “The cold weather blasting Australia’s south-east could bring sub-zero temperatures and frost to parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria overnight.” Temperatures are well below normal, in some places as much as 10C. As one Bureau of Meteorology spokesperson said with the requisite air of sober authority when stating the blindingly obvious and not very helpful: “Such a cold outbreak is earlier in the season than we would usually expect. In general this event is not unusual in winter but it is somewhat unusual so early in the autumn.”

Well, yes. Heavy snow and frost warnings. And while the weather system bringing this cold snap is going to depart for the Tasman Sea, and good riddance to it, another is moving in “bringing strong winds and low temperatures back.”

OK, OK. You don’t need the weather report. If you don’t live in Australia it’s not yours and if you do you got it already. Or looked out the window and flinched. Especially given the strong winds that have accompanied this unseasonable chill. Or, as ABC put it, “The cold front has already brought record low temperatures across southern Queensland, and on Thursday Adelaide had its coldest April day in 12 years.”

And so? Nothing, apparently. The story just ended there. Whereas had we seen record high temperatures or the hottest April day in 12 years you know exactly what they would have said, and in what tone of voice.

If it keeps up, doubtless we’ll be told a polar vortex is behind it, and behind the vortex man-made climate change. But for now it’s just the usual cold weather following a hot climate.

4 comments on “Chilly down there?”

  1. Also chilly up here. Our Times Colonist newspaper gives a brief summary of world temperatures each day. For the past several months the high/low temperatures in Ottawa on 9 days out of 10 are lower than those in Moscow (the Russian capital). Now Ottawa isn't the prairies or north of 60 but Moscow isn't in Siberia either. If Canada is not the coldest country in the world, it is close to it. So why are we intent on leading the charge against climate change (used to be called global warming)? Add a couple of degrees to the climate temperature and Canada would be a better place to live, work and prosper. As for the dreaded sea level rise, the Canadian shoreline is still rebounding from the last glaciation so we will be amoung the last to experience inundation. So in sum, the temperature rise in the last century is a net benefit to Canadians. Let others take the lead for this dubious cause.

  2. CTV News reported: "It’s the coldest May 12 in Ottawa history, and the forecast is calling for another frosty night in the capital.
    Environment Canada says the temperature dipped to -4.6C at the Ottawa Airport Tuesday morning, setting a record for coldest May 12. The previous record at the Ottawa Airport was -1.7C set back in 1940. An old weather station recorded a temperature of -2.8C back in 1907." That is worth repeating, thank you CTV News. As you mentioned, if the temperature was high, the climate alarmists would have a total panic attack.
    And thank you to the Climate Discussion Nexus for all your work in explaining simply and clearly the climate change issues, exaggerations and falsehoods.

  3. The seas-level rise? What a hoax that is! Bill gates and Barry Obama just shelled out a combined $30 million for ocean font property. Must have got a good deal?

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