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Fredericton: 1919 or 2019?

01 Apr 2020 | 1919 or 2019, Science Notes

This time we head out to picturesque, friendly Fredericton NB, sizzling by the St. John River and struggling mightily to survive the climate crisis. Just look at how much temperatures have soared between 1919 and 2019:

Of course we could have labeled the curves. But doing so would take all the fun out of it. Is the solid orange line the one for last year? Or is it a century old while the green dashed line reflects the crisis? Take your guess then check out the answer below.

Here’s the answer:

If you found it hard to see the climate crisis reading between these lines, better luck next time.

6 comments on “Fredericton: 1919 or 2019?”

  1. I've already seen what the actual science ignoramuses/deniers say about your century-separated curves: "There goes climate denier Robson cherry-picking one place and claiming that it represents all points on the surface of Gaia". Their tiny brains can't handle the logic that if global warming was really significantly happening, its fingerprint would be visible to some extent no matter which place the temperature graphs were for. Anyway it's easy to identify which year the curves belong to... the one which shows less extremes, which is a characteristic of current climate patterns.

  2. I've known Whistler, BC since 1980 and have followed it since 1976. It's very close to the Pacific Ocean and in the Coastal Mountains, so it has highly fluctuating weather patterns, but over that period, it's been a case of, as it's said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Short term residents of less than 10 years see the exact opposite, the random, dramatic variability, using weed to relax themselves.

    All these peculiar events of the last 50 years or so. Wars against this and that, cancer, Cold, Star, aids, crime, terrorism, Gulf I & II, (mini-WWI & II repeated), climate change, warming, cooling (80's), they go on forever, highly promoted by Media, Government, Corporations, Industry and gobbled up by the cattle like newly sprouting spring grass, those busy bee eaters. Then these recent business-as-usual forest fires fanned by the Media, after their slew of 80's to 2020 "plagues", those "disease-causing" invisible-to-the-eye-evil-virus scares that further stampeded the dumb-downed, superstitious, busy-bee masses to the Gov, Banks, and Corporations such as poison potion-selling Pharma, Medicine, and Modern Biology with their latest Gov/Media-trumpeted, world pandemic-plague Covid-19, and that curious Sept (fall) 2001 Sol-omon (underworld/unripe sun) building 7 "collapse" by controlled demolition alongside the recent-made, baby-old 911 towers, like NORTH and SOUTH poles "falling" as if they were the night sky, baby-old WTC 1 to 7, such biblically unsealing beasts, all set up and cleaned up by CDI (Controlled Demolition Inc.) which had earlier, in spring 2000, demolished the WEST's recent-made, baby-old, Seattle KingDome (polestar top-of-sky), the same CDI corporation demolishing on July 3, 2000 the EAST's recent-made, baby-old Gettysburg Civil War Monument tower exactly 137 years to the day after Hebrew Bible-thumping Abraham Lincoln's tide-turning, July 3, 1863 Gettysburg Civil War battle that reunited the came-to-be-divided nations, er, I mean states of the baby-old United States, and now today a baby-new world leader, the real estate magnate, world-uniting, peace-bringing, "DarkLord"-nicknamed Trump (polestar) with his recently New "wife" Millennium, er, I mean Milenia, appearing out of nowhere to gain political rule as king&queen/father&mother of the United Nations, er, I mean States, the land of milk and honey (profit) in the orderly New World, that faraway promised land of the East found in 1492 by sailing West, some still calling the pilgrim-worked land New Israel with its Capital New Jerusalem (York) where the newly-appearing, polestar-leader Trump once resided in his home citadel castle, now residing in his home-away-from-castle polestar White House Capitol palace in Capital George Washington, and then the endlessly repeating, new-baby/old-baby United States with its 12/13 original nations, er, I mean states of a baby-new world Confederation, it all captivatingly appearing as "if" it was a Hollywood-made drama of the Hebrew Bible's Abraham-born, 137 year-living Ishmael with his 12 stately, princely sons, as well as of Abraham's grandson Jacob's 12 zodiacal sons, Judah to Joseph, that founded the world-covering, Egypt-travelling, 12 Tribes/Nations of Is-Ra-El, Egyptian for Moon-unripeSun-Star (night celestial sky), and also of Abraham Lincoln's, oops, I mean Abraham's other 13 sons and grandsons with Keturah, all three such colourful, event-filled, repeating stories that with current events bring to mind the Middle Age's profit-making Snake-Oil Industry that poisoned away the dumb-downed, superstitious, busy-bee masses' invisible, "disease-causing" evil spirits and related turmoils of brimstone and fire, witch- and book-burnings, plagues, pestilences, human sufferings, famines, wars, crusades, and civil unrest that "happened" back then. Hmmm, one wonders at the self glory of it all while knowing that, as back then, it will again Passover one day, what a grand Revelation it's been.

    As I said in my first paragraph and as we weed-avoiding, pattern observers note, some things never change, always-repeating shorter cycles in longer cycles that most entertainment-absorbed peasants don't clue into, our worldwide Dark Lord rulers and leaders working in such mysterious ways right in front of our faces, kaching, kaching, please pass the gravy, milk and honey, Elizabeth, your Polestar Highness.

    Face masks? We ain't got no face masks. We don't need no stinkin' face masks! Like evil spirits, "viruses" don't exist, they are a petri dish-pseudoscience invention worked as a modern extension of the night sky-worshipping Parasite's superstition-controlled Middle Ages Corporation, which it now calls Advanced Modern Civilization, the literally-taken, mythologically-written, celestial sky-describing Hebrew/Holy Bible acted out by the Parasite on Earth's surface. Same old story, same old method, same old reason, same old Mafia, the Parasite Cult Clan.

    Thanks for all of your heads ups, I return one to you. The ball's in your court, don't let it go by.

    Head's Up II
    If you want to regularly experience various combinations of itchiness, mucous accumulation, nose stuffiness, runny nose, sore throat, cough, congestion, mild headache, malaise, sneezing, post nasal drip, reduced sense of smell, metallic taste in mouth, chills, body or muscle pain, and fever, then just habitually consume cooked and/or processed foods to overwork your internal food-digesting and metabolic waste-eliminating organs of your body, thereby internally over-saturating yourself in your own metabolic waste, greatly reducing oxygen transfer from your red blood cells to bodily cells. Less oxygen, less energy, less waste elimination work, more toxicity, more symptoms. These symptoms of abnormally high, internal, acidic, metabolic waste are called a "cold".

    If that discomfort (dis-ease) is not enough for you, then just continue eating after you've developed those symptoms of internal toxicity and they'll get worse as your tired-out body's internal waste level increases. You'll lose your appetite for anything, get diarrhea, vomit, and develop a high fever. These extra strong symptoms are called "influenza", or "flu". Feed a cold, starve a fever, as the wise old saying goes.

    And if you really want to get into misery, then keep on eating and/or take some drugs, your over-worked body's internal fluids will become so waste-laden and toxic that you'll develop strep throat, ear/sinus infections, pneumonia, myocarditis, myositis, kidney failure, and even death, especially if you are old and/or have lost your vitality.

    If you don't want to ever experience those symptoms of discomfort, called dis-ease, eat lightly and only according to the human species normal, naturally evolved diet, its dietary heredity: predominantly ripe fruits, some juicy vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a few other similar, human species-appropriate foods. Following the human being's other necessary health-creating habits, such as strictly avoiding poisons (drugs, medicine, chemicals, alcohol, spices, herbs, etc) and breathing fresh air, will allow you to always remain at ease in your life, i.e., healthy, instead of regularly at un-ease, in "disease" as it's said. Life is simple. The Parasite preys on dumb-downed, mislead, cooked food-addicted people.

  3. Dear Robert;
    It appears there was a song written about you called "Rambling Man"
    The next time you have the urge to post something here, please write it in Short hand or Sanskrit.
    That way I can ignore it right away.

  4. Whatever you do is at your pleasure. The first paragraph was basically a reiteration of the article. The following few paragraphs were an iteration of how Mod Civ works, including the current CC/GW and Covid plague scams, and who exactly runs Mod Civ and how, which the original article (and website) was addressing. Most everyone is blind to Mod Civ's workings, and it doesn't matter how one presents the truth to a blind person, they'll never be able to see it anyways. So I had some fun while explaining how Mod Civ runs. After the paragraphs that revealed the one and sameness of Mod Civ and the Hebrew Bible, I added some more truthful information on how to live healthfully, served straight this time, not writing so colourfully. A blind person isn't and won't be able to see the truth of that extra information either, but since not everyone in the world is blind, the last paragraphs were also for those willing to use their brain to see instead of blind themselves. One can lead a horse to water, but one cannot force it to drink. So continue.

  5. Proceed as is your pleasure. A sensible person does not nor cannot expect the blind to see, thusly it doesn't matter how the truth is presented to them, in the reiterated form of my first paragraph, in the self-amusing rambling form of my middle paragraphs, or the straight up form of my final paragraphs. One can lead a blind horse to water, but one cannot force it to drink. So continue.

  6. Ignoring something doesn't mean that it isn't true or poignant to the discussion. What is, is. Whether you like it or not.
    Media, governments, medicine schools, science, the news, big sports, Hollywood etc is all controlled by one very small but very power group of people. They have been in control for a very long time and are the ones who created this capitalistic system that is all about money and power and nothing about people. API , for any news that is broadcast, WHO and CDI control s all medicine and so forth. It's all about money,
    control and power. They manipulate the system constantly to keep it afloat and money flowing to them. They create wars and plagues and after every war and every plague, the bankers and elite cone out richer. It makes a lot of money, just like the global warming scam. If people would just investigate a bit, but instead we blindly follow and condemn anyone who questions it.
    The system is so large now and global that we the people even enforce it. We're so brainwashed from babies onward by this system that was created by the banks, the rich families, the 1%, who own the banks, the media, the governments and control everything. We are brainwaahed into believing that this system is good by the media,
    Hollywood, schools, medicine, police and governments. So brainwashed that we all think it's normal and don't question it and even shut down anyone who does.
    Becareful of belief systems. Man's survival depends upon Evidence. Good science needs it and also needs to be question, question question. It is the only way to truth. Less we all be sheep.

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