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UNESCO to the rescue

18 Mar 2020 | OP ED Watch

UNESCO, which is an organization that does stuff like “Building peace in the minds of men and women” according to its website, offered up a somewhat warlike plan last year that has recently come to our attention: Climate criminals must be brought to justice. Seems we deniers are like people who deny there’s a fire in a crowded theatre while “sitting mainly in the most expensive seats”. Crackle crackle whoosh. Hang ‘em high. Which doesn’t tend to build peace of mind when you realize it means you.

This weird piece by one Catriona McKinnon, a “Professor of Political Theatre” sorry “Theory” at the University of Exeter is a year old now. But we think it merits attention as evidence of how radicalism has gone mainstream (if you consider the UN mainstream). McKinnon compares the Earth to “a theatre with no exits”. Which is a bit of a tortured analogy to begin with since if it has no exits how did anyone get in? And apparently we selfish rich people are stopping the voices of sanity trying to put out the fire so we too can… wait a minute. Die too. Since apparently we know exactly what we’re doing.

How cunning and sinister are we? Well, she warns, “This group uses emotive language and insists that the other group is not to be trusted.” Boo! Bad deniers. It’s something she would never do, obviously. (Except when enemies of the people make it necessary, obviously.) And the conclusion is obvious: Crush their tiny heads. “Criminal conduct violates basic rights and destroys human security. We reserve the hard treatment of punishment for conduct that damages the things we hold most fundamentally valuable. Climate change is causing precisely such damage.”

You know what’s coming next. A flood, some hurricanes, a fire, crop failure. Yup. “If we continue on our current trajectory of emissions without aggressive mitigation, we could see warming in the range of 4–6.1 ℃ above pre-industrial averages by 2100.” Oh really? Who predicted that outcome exactly? John of Patmos, it seems. “A 4-6.1 ℃ rise in temperature by 2100 would be catastrophic. Large areas of the earth would become uninhabitable as sea levels rise and temperatures soar. Severe weather events, crop failure, and conflict in the face of mass migration never before seen in human history, would place intense pressure on remaining habitable places. In these fragile and febrile conditions, positive feedback from warming could put humanity at risk of extinction [her link here], according to the journal, Futures, September 2018.”

Why? Because evidently instead of the warming effects of CO2 diminishing as concentrations increase as people exploring ECS believe, “tipping points are passed in the climate system, causing processes to be unleashed that exacerbate warming…. These tipping points are described in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) as a critical threshold at which global or regional climate changes from a stable state to another stable state.” The stable state of runaway instability where the flames consume everything the oceans didn’t get first, you understand. At least she admits resistance is futile. “Even if all countries meet their current mitigation targets under the Paris Agreement 2015 (COP21), we are likely to see warming of at least 2.6 ℃ by 2100.” But armed resistance apparently isn’t.

UNESCO’s slogan “Many Voices, One World” is designed to give those paranoid about globalism the cold sweats. And publishing this piece which invents a new crime with an Orwellian name does not help. That crime is “a new criminal offence that I call postericide. It is committed by intentional or reckless conduct fit to bring about the extinction of humanity.”

The extinction of humanity? Really? Did the IPCC project that even under their RCP 8.5 scenario?

It doesn’t matter in the rush to justice. In which CDN may well be first in the dock. “Who should be prosecuted for postericide? We could start by examining the established international network of well-funded organizations devoted to organized climate denial”. Or we would be first if we could get ourselves well-funded, so please donate. Or second, behind “Rex Tillerson [the former CEO of ExxonMobil, who also served as US Secretary of State from February 2017 to March 2018], Charles Koch and David Koch”.

Actually David Koch passed away not long after the piece was published. But don’t worry, the search for enemies continues, along with the use of “emotive language” that “insists that the other group is not to be trusted”. For instance “The damage that climate deniers do is heinous, and they have no excuses. The time has come to prosecute them for postericide.”

For ourselves, we wish those guilty of logicide to be tried in the court of public opinion. And we have a defendant in mind.

2 comments on “UNESCO to the rescue”

  1. If there's a mass extinction of most of humanity (as the late Maurice Strong planned), it won't be due to humans burning fossil fuels but the clumsy non-scientific attempts of the green extremists to replace fossil fuels as an energy source. Read http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/fischer/200303 to get an idea of the huge environmental vandalism required to make millions of batteries for electric cars, and that's just the beginning.

  2. Love your comment Bob, you're exactly right. Adoption of the policies advocated by those who think that they are reducing climate change is disastrous. Their energy policies are inefficient & thermodynamically unsound & will cause economic decline leading to unemployment, civilisational regression, poverty, ill health & a reduced ability to deal with any REAL disasters. As is well known, the wealth of a country reduces the impact of natural disasters, it is the poorest countries that suffer most from them. Here in the UK we have some of the highest electricity prices in Europe. Some people are bragging that we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 29% over the last decade due to technology. Could it be that rather than by technology our emissions have been reduced due to de-industrialisation as energy intensive industries move out, taking their CO2 emissions elsewhere? We keep being bombarded by propaganda about being 'carbon neutral' by 2040 & by 2032 they are going to ban all but electric vehicles on our roads. We have to contend with Tony Blair's 2007 Climate Change Act. I think we are the only country in the world to pass such an act supinely passed by our parliament with only FIVE MPs voting against it. Madness!

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