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Climate Emergency Tour: Ski Resorts Edition

Nothing would upset the jet-setting climate celebrity crowd more this time of year than to discover that the snow cover at their favourite ski resorts is less than expected. To hear the alarmist press tell it, they should be in tears and snowfall and skiing a thing of the past. Fortunately, as climate gadfly Willis Eschenbach discovered, there's data on this phenomenon, and the numbers tell us average snow depth at ski resorts around the world shows no sign of going down.

The website from which that graph was taken, ski-resort-stats.com, provides data from 1994 up to 2018. You can search individual resorts around the world or get regional averages. And when you find the emergency, be sure to let us know so we can pass it along to the alarmists and they’ll know what posh spots to avoid. But good luck scaring them away from their annual enclave in Davos, given the exceptional 2017-2018 snow season at Klosters.

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  1. Lake Louise snow report today:
    We've received almost half a metre of new snow in the last week and ski conditions are superb! With more snow expected, and fresh snow everywhere this morning, now is the time to head to the Lake.

    Back Bowls
    Overnight* 10cm
    Last 24 Hrs 13cm
    Last 7 Days 47cm
    Snow Depth 140cm
    Year to Date 393cm
    Mid Mountain
    Overnight* 8cm
    Last 24 Hrs 11cm
    Last 7 Days 39cm
    Snow Depth 128cm
    Year to Date 335cm
    And then remember this? May 9, 2006 - There are signs that these mountain water supplies are diminishing. ....

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