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Climate Emergency Tour: Victoria edition

While on the subject of the relative harm done by cold versus warmth, we can't help but notice that when Canadians go looking for a pleasant climate in which to retire, they don't flee to the Arctic to get away from hot weather, they head out to Victoria in search of the closest we Canadians can get to a Mediterranean climate. And it looks like the strategy will be working for a long time to come because the climate in Victoria shows no sign of changing.

The temperature data since 1940 pretty much says it all:

Daily highs hit a maximum in 2007 (only 0.2 degrees above the level reached in 1941) while average daily means remain firmly in the 9 to 11 degree C range year after year.

Total precipitation, of which Victoria gets a goodly amount, has bounced around but hasn't gone up or down:

Like many places in Canada, Victoria is getting a bit less windy over time:

Its maximum gust speed has stayed roughly constant:

The number of days with temperatures below zero has declined a bit:

But the number of days with temperatures above 30 C hit a record back in 1942 it hasn't come close to since:

No sign of a Climate Emergency in Victoria either. Where can it be?

One comment on “Climate Emergency Tour: Victoria edition”

  1. Keep looking! You will find the right trend eventually. (It's called data mining. Alarmists are great at it.)

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