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Children's crusade 2.0

20 Feb 2019 | News Roundup

The usual suspects are over the moon because a bunch of European children are staging school strikes on behalf of lack of climate change. It’s a bit odd, since the kids are pushing politicians who all say they agree already, and skipping classes where they are generally taught that man-made climate change is real. In the UK, where there are stiff fines for parents who let their kids skip school, the teachers’ union urged an exception for a massive Feb. 15 virtue-signaling action. And a March 15 global strike is planned. After which… um… pile into the SUV and head for soccer practice? Heat your home with Russian natural gas? Google climate change on a Chinese-made smartphone?

Using kids for political purposes might seem, well, manipulative. But Climate Change News assured us that “13-year old school striker Alexandria Villasenor ridiculed an article by Britain’s Daily Mail that alleged that young people had been brainwashed by 'green militants' into skipping school. Fifteen-year old George Bond, from Dorset, UK, admits Greenpeace has helped the group with press strategy. But 'they’re just offering us advice and support as they do to many smaller movements', he says. In Germany, [Merle Tennie, a 20-year-old "Fridays for Future" organizer] says that F4F has rejected invitations to collaborate with the anti-coal group Ende Gelände (Land’s End), opting instead to inform students of its events.”

So it’s pretty much spontaneous. Not adults manipulating children into manipulating adults into doing what they already promised to at Paris. That Climate Change News article headline even read in part “Failure of representation drives youth climate strike”. Oh really? Which European leader opposes radical climate change action?

As noted elsewhere on this site, climate activists have a bad habit, when they win the public argument and are called on to make good on their pain-free promises and implement their wonderful plans, of going out and winning the debate again. To march about waving signs at people who already agree with you, and in fact own the same signs, is, if you’ll pardon the expression, childish. It is therefore fitting that a movement that seems unwilling to engage in adult reasoning should in the end have simply turned the keys over to the children.

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