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The Truth On EVs Hertz

28 May 2024 | Crystal Ball

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2 comments on “The Truth On EVs Hertz”

  1. There it is for all to see,if one will just pay attention.Communist China is largely behind this EV push(and renewables for that matter).And trying to flood the market with their cheap EV's,even to the point where they lose 10K a car on sales in North America.I will not buy an EV,and certainly not made by
    the Commies!It's bad enough that most of my consumer goods are made by them now.SHAME on anyone who buys a Chinese EV!Or ANY Chinese
    manufactured car.

  2. e cars are good for power companies, battery-makers, makers of e cars and so-called "sustainable" power generators, ike solar and wind ut, because so much of our electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels in turbines that are not more efficient than gas engines, and power is lost in transmission, many of them produce more co2 per mile of driving that efficient gas cars. If the regulators had any brains they would be pushing double-xpansion, like the turbo-compound diesels some big European trucks us or the double expansion engine Rudolph Diesel designed but the newspapers, lumber companies and other big concerns that profit from the deforestation that has caused and is causing climate chsnge don't wasn't to admit their guilt, and most people are stupid enough to believe the co2 myth. Give up, humanity is going to be wiped out

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