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Some Data That's Not Cool

20 Feb 2024 | Readouts

One comment on “Some Data That's Not Cool”

  1. A good round up John, thanks.

    On climate disaster news, there's this on Australian ABC News from Western Australia where cyclones are "going to be fewer, but more ferocious!" Umm, because modelling apparently.

    Here: "However … climate models also predict a higher proportion of intense cyclones."

    "That is, we may have fewer category one or two cyclones, but category three and above become more common."

    "The last time the community of Bidyadanga experienced a category three cyclone in all its might was 23 years ago, with Cyclone Sam." 23 years ago! Well that's a long time in anyone's books isn't it, so hardly common? And wind gusts of of 76kph are hardly unusual or extreme, even here in sunny South Australia where I live where we are having a very dry summer, not unusual and so far not very hot either. Today, Tuesday the 27th is tipped to 39°C, again, not hot by SA's standards for summer. Meanwhile, apparently Australia is heading for it's wettest summer ever. Given some of the flooding scars left around this ancient country, I question the concept of "ever"? Bizarrely the headline said "moistest" summer ever! lol. Who says "moistest"?
    The northern coast's cyclone alley experiences about 11 events per year they report and then they go on to tell us that the first two for the year both cat 1 got downgraded to tropical storm and the cyclone Lincoln dumped a whopping 78mm, just about 3 & 1/4 inches. Again, not big by tropical downpours standards, especially when compared to Queensland's dump at Tulley of 460+mm a couple of days ago.

    "All three weather events were seen as low-category cyclones, but climate scientists said their level of destruction was a sign of things to come." While not reporting just what that destruction was, hmm? Dumping lots of rain up there has been very normal in my 70 years but, hey, what would I know, I'm not a meteorologist.

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