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Burning Magna Carta - Newsletter Readout

26 Feb 2020 | Readouts

A number of people have commented on YouTube suggesting that this video exaggerates the severity of the policy because it only bans "green" wood. So I should have been clearer that the innocuous-sounding qualification would still apparently amount to forbidding the burning of about 90% of all firewood currently consumed in Britain, and allow only wood dried in a kiln (using fossil fuels) or else left out for two years, possibly in covered storage facilities. (A great deal of the wood burned in Canada would also be prohibited if we were to adopt such a policy.)

The Guardian says about 2.5 million households are dependent on wood or coal that would be forbidden under this policy. So I stand by the claim that it ought not to have been done without public debate. But I should have been clearer about the details.

One comment on “Burning Magna Carta - Newsletter Readout”

  1. Yes John, I was just about to inform you of that fact. I too read some of the comments on YouTube. It is damp wood and poor quality coal often sold on garage forecourts that they want to ban according to one of the comments. But, of course who would burn damp wood? It wouldn't give you much heat, it would be a waste of time! Most people with any common sense would dry it first anyway.
    glad to see that you have clarified the point.

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