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Percent dry weight (biomass) increases for durum wheat following 300 and 600 ppm increases in the air's CO2 concentration

26 Jun 2024 | Science Notes

From the CO2 Science Archive: In addition to summarizing individual scientific studies the team at CO2 Science assembled a massive online library of studies recording changes in observed growth rates of innumerable plant and crop varieties under varying CO2 levels. This week we discuss the findings for durum wheat.

The results are here. There are 4 studies reporting 12 results for +300 ppm and 2 for +600 ppm. Under a 300 ppm gain the range of increases in durum wheat plant biomass is 3 to 113% and the average is 54.5%. After 600 ppm the range is 60 to 62% and the average is 61%. For more specific details of each experiment go to the table at CO2Science.org.

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