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Red-faced planet

01 May 2024 | OP ED Watch

One problem with the whole man-made global warming theory is that other planets in our solar system also show signs of warming. And now there’s news that they might be causing it rather than experiencing it: possibly Mars pulls the Earth a bit closer to the sun on roughly a 2.4 million year cycle, leading to greater solar radiation, a temperature increase and significant changes in ocean currents. It’s apparently been going on for over 65 million years so you’d think it’s a big deal, right? But of course “the observed warming effect is not linked to global warming that is being driven by human greenhouse gas emissions, the authors emphasized in the statement.” God forbid. No scientific inquiry must interfere with the “science”.

In some sense the new story about Mars shows science at its best. Determined inquiry, surprising results, and interesting new questions. Smithsonian Magazine informs us that:

“By poring through 65 million years of deep-sea sediment records, researchers analyzed Earth’s history of ocean current behavior. They sampled nearly 300 drill cores, which documented how these currents behaved over time. Breaks in sedimentation indicated the presence of vigorous deep-sea currents, while continuous sedimentation represented calmer conditions. The team found the strength of these currents waxed and waned over 2.4-million-year cycles, known as ‘astronomical grand cycles.’ Comparing this fluctuation to astronomical events, researchers found an unexpected connection: Each cycle coincided with records of gravitational interactions between Earth and Mars.”

Cool, huh? Well, up to a point. And we know what it is:

“These natural, gravitationally induced climate cycles are not tied to the current and rapid global warming, which is a product of excessive greenhouse gas emissions. However, studying the eddies’ response to warmer climates across long periods of time can provide scientists with crucial insight into how climate change affects ocean circulation. If human-produced global warming continues along its current path, ‘this effect will dwarf all other processes for a long time to come,’ [study co-author and geophysicist Dietmar] Muller tells CNN’s Laura Paddison. ‘But the geographical record still provides us with valuable insights about how the oceans operate in a warmer world.’”

Yeah. It’s all about the carbons. What isn’t? And so:

“researchers remain hopeful that the 2.4-million-year cycle, and the increased circulation it may regulate, could provide a necessary fallback for ocean systems in the climate crisis. ‘Our deep-sea data spanning 65 million years suggests that warmer oceans have more vigorous deep circulation,’ adds [lead author and “sedimentologist” Adriana] Dutkiewicz in the statement. ‘This will potentially keep the ocean from becoming stagnant, even if Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation slows or stops altogether.’”

So everything is proof of manmade global warming, even some unexpected discovery about a process we didn’t really understand before and still don’t. We know what the result of a study has to be. We’re just not always sure how to get it there.

By the same token, the story that other planets showed warming was “Fact checked” by USA today and found to be double-plus-ungood. And other alarmists pile on including the BBC. It must not be. Do not ask questions.

Decades ago it was OK for scientific publications and academic outlets to claim it was warming on Triton, Neptune’s largest moon. And mainstream media outlets, in this case ABC, could write things like “It might seem like the weather’s getting warmer here on Earth, but Mars appears to have an even bigger global warming problem.” Nowadays shtum. Or worse: CBS now assures us that the fate of Mars “may offer an example of the damage that can occur to life itself because of the greenhouse gas effect.” See, it cooled lethally because of methane and thus a computer says our planet will warm lethally because of it. QED.

5 comments on “Red-faced planet”

  1. "But the geographical record still provides us with valuable insights...". Insights like how bone-headed the speaker was. I believe they were referring to the Geological Record, since they were looking at sediments.

  2. Honestly, this whole global temperature situation is nothing but a make work project for "scientists" in the academy, they have literally discovered a miniscule temperature change (unless they didn't) that we can do nothing about. Like the man-made climate change nonsense, it is a situation that we can do nothing about and is all based on the childish assumption that slightly warmer weather is somehow a problem, assuming that any of that science is real....a big, big if!

  3. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Leviathan pays the piper. Although, the pipes sound so much better than the incessant droning of CAGW. It has become mere background noise of almost everything.

  4. So in addition to Milankovich cycles we have to factor in a slight gravitational tug from Mars in 2.4 million year cycles?Oh puh-lease!

  5. Very rough estimates of a 2.4 million year cycle and the alleged climate on Mars are both worthless to explain global warming on Earth since 1975. If you want to examine the effects of CO2 emissions on Earth, you must focus on periods that had manmade CO2 emissions. Using measurements, not inaccurate proxies.
    For this planet, not Mars.
    This article is claptrap.

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