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Another reefer

01 May 2024 | News Roundup

Along with Antarctica, you can’t kill the coral often enough. At least Reuters thinks so, announcing that “Along coastlines from Australia to Kenya to Mexico, many of the world’s colorful coral reefs have turned a ghostly white in what scientists said on Monday amounted to the fourth global bleaching event in the last three decades.” And you know what the problem is, right? They certainly do: “At least 54 countries and territories have experienced mass bleaching among their reefs since February 2023 as climate change warms the ocean’s surface waters, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Coral Reef Watch, the world’s top coral reef monitoring body.” Incorrect, of course. But scary.

If they had Google on their computers, they might know a few things they currently don’t. Starting with coral having evolved in a warmer world and doing best, as we’re tempted to say any fool knows, where it’s warmer today. Seriously. Think of where you might go to see coral reefs.

Baffin Island? No.

Iceland? No.

Siberia? No.

Australia? Yes.

South Africa? Yes.

The Caribbean? Yes.

Hmmmm. Notice a pattern?

Another point is that bleaching is not unusual nor ominous. And yet another is that it is an adaptive response to changes in temperature, not to heat. Not a swan song. An adaptation. Wikipedia even admits that “This loss of pigment can be caused by various stressors, such as changes in temperature, light, or nutrients” before righting the good ship Panic with “The leading cause of coral bleaching is rising ocean temperatures due to climate change caused by anthropogenic activities”.

Enterprising journalists doing that “research” thing could nevertheless even go further and discover that, for instance, the Great Barrier Reef is in the best shape it’s been in since thorough monitoring started nearly 40 years ago. And as Peter Ridd just pointed out, not one species on the GBR has gone extinct. Nevertheless, “Goodbye Coral” is an oldie but goodie; as the Australian Environment Foundation observes tartly: “The Great Barrier Reef is the largest reef system in the world, and scientists have been warning of its imminent demise since the 1960s.”

And will again. And again. And again. It’s not lying exactly. But it is irresponsible. Including the BBC in the latest outbreak moaning:

“Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef is suffering another mass bleaching event, officials have confirmed. Bleaching occurs when heat-stressed corals expel the algae that gives them life and colour. It is the fifth time in eight years widespread damage has been detected at the UNESCO World Heritage site. Only two mass bleaching events had been recorded until 2016, and scientists say urgent climate action is needed for the reef to survive.”

Scientists say, no less. So coral may not be ready for zombification, but this scare has gotten there and roams disconsolately about in a state of feeble menace.

6 comments on “Another reefer”

  1. Climate change is nothing but a habit for the media. If they need a story C.C. MUST be included. Makes no difference if their writings are correct, people will believe they are because So Many media sources on earth says C.C. is a fault !!!

    What bothers the hell out of me is that when stupid moron citizen quotes a current article that is incorrect and someone else tells them they are wrong, because established documents and fact say so, their response is, "That does not matter".

    That's right, they don't disputed the facts are wrong but rather they support them because they are too stupid to think otherwise. To be sure, many folks simply are trying to exist and don't have time to verify ANY facts . That does not make them stupid, just lazy because everyone has the time to check stuff out to some degree. If those folks had NO OPINION on C.C. then that would be OK but to say virtually any media article is correct is just plain stupid.

    In the end I am now convinced that C.C. is an excuse for making PROFITS. We all know that windmills and Solar don't work. Making them however does WORK for making profits !! That means that BIG profit makers are now able to go after governments and convince them to support the so called renewables so they can make profits and the BIG one, create JOBS. I suspect those companies also back governments that support them so in the end we have a constant barrage of government support for these industries, even though they are proven to NOT help anything !!

    Then there are EV's, the Big Stupid of C.C. Ever notice when the subject of governments giving away $ or promising tax relief, IF a maker actually makes a profit selling an EV,they first find a spokes person who says, EV's are flying off the lots as more and more people buy EV's !!

    What total crap, Ford has delayed making EV's for 2 years, or more, VW, who we gave billions to for a a battery pant has shut down lines in Europe, GM is going broke selling EV's and Tesla just fired 14,000 workers because of bad sales. So much for Flying off the shelves !!!!!!!!!

    Back in the early days of EV's I asked many times, " when the rich who like these things have bought as many as they want what will happen when the average buyer does not want them because of cost and many other factors" ?

    That question is now answered. few people are buing these things!!!
    The reality is that passenger vehicles cause ONLY 7% of WORLD C.C. pollution. Is it worth upsetting the entire world production of gas cars, which employs the largest number of workers worldwide, for the sake of getting rid of some pollution which by the way in most cases is caused by the dirty fuel they use which is generated by dirty sources AND the incredible FILTH of mining 1000 lbs of dirt for ever 100Lbs of battery.

    In the end our problem on this earth is NOT ANY form of pollution, it is the fact that so many people believe the nonsense that has been created around C.C. What I fear is that no matter how many accurate facts are produced by CDN the fake nonsense around Human Caused Climate Change that we are all doomed to have our lives disrupted by the profit makers of the H.C.C.C. LIE !!!!!

    Bottom line, as the C.C. lie grows we the citizens are screwed !!!

    And finally ANY reduciton of fossil fuels used around the world will continue to deny the majority of the worlds population their RIGHT to advance to the level we are in terms of prosperity. YOU and I are well off because of Fossil Fuels so why are the poor of the world being denied access to that marvellous product?
    I believe that those folks have finally awakened and will now be DEMANDING their place in the prosperity offered by this product. If WE do not help them get the product and use it they will come for us. Time to realize that the Chinese, Indians and all Africans have the same right to prosparity as we western folks do and denying it to them is not only immoral but STUPID !!!

  2. No longer are we seeing peer reviewed papers from elite scientists, now it is all government agencies, "public interest" groups and media outlets with pages or airtime to fill, the end of the climate crisis is nigh, just like the phony ozone hole crisis. In fact, the climate crisis had discredited itself years ago (think Al Gore's movie) but where can the climate crazies go from here? The pandemic? Whooopsie daisy! The race card? Nope. How about those Palestinians? Not really! It is sad when the activist groups have no viable crisis!

  3. "It’s not lying exactly."
    Yes, that is *exactly* what it is. Asserting something with certainty for which one hasn't even balance-of-probabilities proof is telling an untruth with the intent to deceive. This nonsense you keep publishing to the effect that ALL climate doomsters are totally honest but mistaken zealots is wearing thin. It is manifestly obvious that many in that camp are grifters who get financial, reputational, or other rewards for spewing what they know to be unsupported by the available evidence.

  4. We need to label this climate mania as "The Chicken Little Syndrome". The Media (in all forms) and Ego Manic Politicos have very bad cases.

  5. Wasn't there a major downpour event in Queensland and New South Wales fairly recently with associated rivers draining to the sea? I live down south where it hasn't rained for 5 months, well only scattered showers. My thoughts are that filthy dirty silt ladened water with added farm, sugar cane, banana plantation runoff, (chems, manure) is a far more likely vector for bleaching than a normal summer.

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