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#GettingWorse: Extreme Dryness in the US

10 Apr 2024 | Science Notes

Last week we showed you data from the NOAA website that poured cold lack of water all over the idea that more and more of the US is experiencing extremely wet conditions. Of course you might fire back that the real problem isn’t wetness, it’s dryness. Surely everybody knows that the climate crisis means more and more areas are suffering from lack of moisture, not from too much. Or both because the problem is “extreme weather” and anything will do. OK, we’ll go to the same source and check for drought. And guess what the data show.

Here is the record of the % of the US classified as “Very Dry” every month from 1895 to the present:

The trend line is actually down slightly, at 0.001% per month or 0.012% per year, which is proof not of improvement but of nothing at all because a number that small is not statistically distinguishable from zero. Once again, cancel the panic because it’s not #gettingworse.

2 comments on “#GettingWorse: Extreme Dryness in the US”

  1. Get "mainstream" media to publish this with simple explanation.
    Maybe people would finish schooling or have a baby, instead waiting for the doom.

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