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06 Dec 2023 | News Roundup
  • Speaking of demonstration projects, how about that climate researcher from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy who refused to fly back from Papua New Guinea to Germany because of the carbon footprint, took 50 days via ship, ferry, bus and train, and was fired for not showing up for work? This Green Raw Deal really isn’t all it was hyped as being, now is it? (He is apparently now suing. Without, we trust, petrochemical communication devices.)
  • The self-immolation of Greta Thunberg continues. The latest incident being her chanting “crush Zionism” outside the Israeli Embassy in Sweden. Having saved the world from climate change she now wants to save us from… the Jews? Get lost, kid.
  • Canary Media recently lamented that “Mainers reject historic bid to make for-profit utilities publicly owned/ The ballot initiative aimed to bolster Maine’s energy transition, grid reliability and affordability. Utilities fought the effort with a torrent of cash.” Why must people who think CO2 is bad for the planet so dependably think socialism is good for it? Is there some important reason we don’t see libertarian alarmists, and progressive skeptics?
  • A study by the Canadian think-tank Cardus says Canadian women want to have more children than they actually do, and that some claim climate worries led them to limit family size. (Something Guardian readers tried to make sound like an affirmative act of despair.) But apparently it’s not true; there’s no measurable difference between women who worry about climate and ones who don’t when it comes to unfulfilled dreams of more kids. It’s just a generally family-unfriendly world, if it’s any consolation.
  • Also in Canada, another kind of demonstration project, the kind where the project risks causing demonstrations: the auditors are now trying to find out how public servants managed to waste $8 million on a solar-powered barn at the Governor General’s residence. Our guess is “lots of practice.” Their initial reaction was pride not embarrassment. And Sustainable Development Technology Canada seems to be imploding after more than two decades of throwing money at stuff and keeping a bunch. But the feds are trying to keep it quiet, as they are also trying to fend off any efforts to find out if the lavish subsidies to EV battery-makers include subsidizing foreign workers. It’s the Canadian jedi mind trick: “You taxpayers don’t need to see that information.”
  • Even so, Canada’s federal Liberals seem convinced they have a winner with the hashtag #NoPlanPierre drawing attention to the fact that whereas they’re committed to raising the cost of living by making energy unaffordable, their hated rival is not. Perhaps they need to get out more. No, really. Get out.
  • Then there’s the trash. Did anyone check on it? Well, the Harvard Business Review warns of “The Dark Side of Solar Power” (get it? Dark side?) because “In an industry where circularity solutions such as recycling remain woefully inadequate, the sheer volume of discarded panels will soon pose a risk of existentially damaging proportions. To be sure, this is not the story one gets from official industry and government sources.” Well no. As they do not dwell on the ecologically disastrous and aesthetically hideous footprint of these supposedly green technologies.
  • We draw your attention to a classic BBC spoof from 1957 on the Swiss spaghetti harvest. Not because we don’t know from pasta, but because it begins “It isn’t only in Britain that spring this year has taken everyone by surprise” by arriving at least a fortnight early. And in fact spring did come early in the UK in 1957. It just didn’t scare people in those less credulous times.
  • Finally, more settled science: “State-of-the-art climate models drastically underestimate how much extreme rainfall increases under global warming, according to a study published Monday that signals a future of more frequent catastrophic floods unless humanity curbs greenhouse emissions.” Or unless there’s a drought. Then climate change causes lack of rain. Or both. Or neither.

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  1. Does anyone anywhere outside of central Canada not think that the Liberals are the most corrupt government in Canadian history?But oh yeah,Harper's minister ordered a $16 glass of OJ,that was a major scandal!
    With regard to solar panels,almost anything can be recycled,just not always practically or economically.Like solar panels.

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