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01 Nov 2023 | OP ED Watch

Inside Climate News warns that “Experts Warn of ‘Denialism Comeback’ Ahead of November’s Global Climate Talks”. Apparently our sinister plot to take over the world has been exposed. The piece perspires on that: “Even amid a disaster-filled summer marked by record heat, climate misinformation continues to spread online at alarming rates. Some experts fear it could slow progress at COP28.” But while we’d love to take credit for the impending failure of COP28 in reality it was doomed from the start. The experts invented both the progress and the plot to stop it.

If you care, the “experts” who say here are “Jennie King, head of climate research and policy at the Institute of Strategic Dialogue, a watchdog group focused on combating disinformation and human rights abuses” who manages to raise red flags about cunningly deceptive denialism and conspiracy theories in the same breath (and ironically the accompanying art shows a woman with a sign “Exxon knew”). And also “Allison Fischer, another disinformation researcher”, who says “They’re not just trying to create climate skeptics. They’re actually eroding trust in science and the scientific community.” Though it’s rather hard to fathom the distinction she thinks she’s drawing. Or why these two would be your go-to experts unless you happen to know they inhabit your own cozy corner of the echo chamber.

Two no-name scribes at a left-wing internet inquisition site is not exactly a 97% consensus, now is it? A Google search of “Allison Fischer” didn’t even turn up “another disinformation researcher”. Possibly a friend of the author, Kristoffer Tigue, whose expertise is “a Master’s degree in journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism”.

Speaking of paranoia, a fundraiser from Inside Climate News this summer hissed at us that:

“Dear ICN Reader, A powerful force has been fueling the climate crisis for decades – lies. We’re surrounded by lies that deny climate science, ignore facts, and make excuses for the unprecedented events surrounding us now: record-breaking heat, downpours and floods, unstoppable wildfire – the list goes on. The misinformation machine is enormous and well-funded. It swirls around all of us, destroying trust, delaying action, costing lives.”

The Protocols of the Elders of Warming, eh? Or did you just make this sinister entity up to try to explain why people disagree with you even after hearing your opinion?

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  1. I loved free media 50 years ago. My favorite saying was "we in the west have free media, they will find out everything, relax"
    Well, it turns out they only find out how to rubbish the right, west, Israel and white people.
    UN is designed to destroy west, whom are paying 90% of their costs. (Waste)

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