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The alleged maniac of Gaza

25 Oct 2023 | News Roundup

No, we’re not referring to Greta Thunberg whose tweet endorsing Hamas reduced her yet further to being just another nasty woke drone. We’re referring to Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, which was the focus of a controversy because it refused to call Hamas terrorists, and when the Conservative Party tried to summon management for questioning about it, the Liberals and other social democratic parties refused. According to an internal memo, just because well-funded psychopaths organized themselves into a terrorizing force that deliberately murdered civilians and boasted about it doesn’t make them “terrorists”. What we need is nuance, you see. Whereas when it comes to man-made climate change, well, no such scruples exist. Instead “People are losing their homes to wildfires. They are dealing with floods. Their loved ones are dying in extreme heat. Their houses are falling into the sea. Climate change is no longer theoretical. It’s in our backyard.” Meanwhile people livestreaming themselves shooting up a music festival, raping women and beheading babies is only alleged by some on the right to be “terrorism”.

Anyone with Google on their computer can find countless examples of the CBC’s lack of reticence on climate change. Like “Jane Goodall says we need hope to fight climate change – and her hope lies with youth”. Not “so-called climate change” or “fight ‘climate change’”. Oh no. Instead:

“Caribbean leaders meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week hope Canada will push their concerns – such as the profound threat they face from climate change – higher on the international agenda.”

Not “that they say they face” or “some say they face.” Heck no. We’re talking solid fact here. As in “With a changing climate, it’s expected that more of the forest landscape will burn in the decades ahead.” Also, of course, “Climate change threatens winter roads connecting northern Ontario’s remote communities”. No “some say”. No “a report claims”. Just world ends, women and minorities hardest hit:

“As climate change continues to narrow the window during which winter roads are useable, Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) gathered in Thunder Bay to strategize how to keep its communities connected in a rapidly thawing north.”

If Islamic Jihad blows up a hospital in Gaza, the CBC ponders whether Israel might have done it. But when Halifax develops a plan to deal with man-made climate change, no contrary voices are allowed into the story… except people saying the city isn’t doing enough fast enough.

Interestingly, the CBC claims it has long insisted on putting quotation marks on “terrorist” and attributing the claim. But in fact it has not. Not even about Hamas. So what’s different today? They certainly don’t insist on putting “climate change” in quotation marks and being sure to “tell the audience who has used it and in what context.”

The CBC operates in the rather broad accountability-free zone that exists in Canadian government. Not only do those in direct positions of power frequently shrug off any responsibility, or stonewall requests for information. (And recently the Commons ethics committee voted to summon the Industry Minister to answer questions about subsidies to something called Sustainable Development Technology Canada but the social democrats rejected the Conservative motion requiring him to produce the relevant documents.) There is also a vast quasi-statal sector where mandates are set by government, boards are appointed by politicians, but if something awkward or controversial arises they are declared to be “arms-length” and any attempt to bring them back into line is decried as “political interference”.

This weird bubble even includes police operations. When the police are, for instance, refusing to crack down on some left-wing protest, politicians seriously claim they cannot direct them, as if they were a state within a state and a law unto themselves. Though of course at other times they communicate directly, provide guidance and so on. Sometimes at the same time.

The CBC is a classic case in point. It gets a budget of well over a billion dollars directly from the state, with which it competes with private media entities for revenue and audience, it gets its mandate directly from the state, and as Wikipedia puts it with typical double-speak:

“As a crown corporation, the CBC operates at arm’s length (autonomously) from the government in its day-to-day business. The corporation is governed by the Broadcasting Act of 1991, under a board of directors and is directly responsible to Parliament through the Department of Canadian Heritage. General management of the organization is in the hands of a president, who is appointed by the Governor General of Canada in Council, on the advice of the prime minister.”

So the PM gets to pick some like-minded soul to run the place, with a salary of nearly half a million dollars a year plus generous bonuses. The corporation is “directly responsible to Parliament” yet operates at arm’s length. When it adopts some horrifying policy, gorged with public money, politicians in sympathy with that policy say hey, nothing to do with us, don’t you dare meddle with freedom of the press. The fact that the Prime Minister is totally certain climate change exists, but initially blamed Israel for blowing up the Gaza hospital, is pure coincidence.

That fewer than 1% of Canadians watch its suppertime news show is a blessing under the circumstances. But it remains a propaganda organ, and an egregious one, on everything from climate to terror.

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  1. The top job at CBC would be done for zero dollars by many of the great and goodish, so why the outrageous stipend, for an organisation that is funded regardless of public agreement...?

  2. The CBC's absolute insistence on anthropogenic climate change as a proven fact leads one to ask cui bono? Who benefits by this? Partly our Liberal government, who are banking on scaring the voters with lurid stories of climate devastation and then presenting themselves as climate saviours, but let's make a list of the beneficiaries.
    1. Anybody or anything connected with the wind and solar industries - about 5 trillion USD so far this century. If the climate change religion had been stillborn, that 5 trillion would never have been spent.
    2. All politicians hoping for re-election based on climate hysteria (H.L. Mencken had a well-known quote about this.)
    3. Any bureaucrats and academics (and there are lots of them) who have advanced their careers on climate hysteria.
    4. Any environmental NGOs who have jumped on the climate change bandwagon in the last 30 years or so and thereby transformed themselves into multi-billion dollar organizations.
    I'm sure there are plenty of others. And who pays for it all? Why, you and I, my long-suffering friends.

  3. I would defund the Communist CBC in a nano-second.Hope Pierre P. does so as he promises.To put the Middle East neverending conflict in perspective,I quote Neil DeGrasse Tyson at a lecture given from about ten years ago,even if he is a climate alarmist.He said that one third of all Nobel Prizes awarded since 1901,have went to someone who is Jewish,Hebrew,Israeli.Who are perhaps 15 million people worldwide.Contrast that with 1.5 BILLlON Arabs or Muslims worldwide,who have been awarded,drum roll please,....3!That tells me who has been working more for the betterment of humankind.And who started this current war?Disclosure:I'm not Jewish,Hebrew,or Israeli.

  4. They should be honest and call it "We'll take your cash to change the weather" scam. A bit unwieldy, but true. I believe there is a Greek myth about the hubris of such a stand.

  5. Let's not forget that CTV and Global now survive on taxpayer dollars and serve Trudeau' climate alarmism as well as CBC does. They all parrot the same climate doomsday nonsense. And they all basically gave passing reference to the arsonists who were at work in Canada's forests last summer. I will never forget when Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau said that the nearly $600 million the liberals doled out back in 2018 was "To protect the vital role that independent news media play in our democracy and in our communities.” Thank God people are waking up and leaving government funded propaganda news and finding credible alternative sources. Like CDN.

  6. Aside from the Orwellian gymnastics involved in the significance of the act of employing a "tactic" (terrorism) as an end in itself deflecting what's actually in play (Jihad), the CBC has literally become a Holocaust denier. That it is nothing more than an instrument of leftist propaganda and state-funded habitat for sophomoric student union level journalism that never has to grow up is not news.

  7. Israel has been terrorizing the people of Palestine for 56 years, they have stolen lands, ignored UN resolutions and practicing genocide on the people of Palestine. What Hamas has done is the last act of a desperate people. It is better to die quickly than be slowly strangled to death by the zionist government of Israel. Yet Israel is not terrorist. Its founders were not terrorists, it is nothing t do with Judaism and everything to do with geo-politics. People should read what Israel has done and is doing now, The hypocrisy of neo-cons and this commentator is sickening. when 1400 Israels are killed in an attack people claim rightly it is bad, when over 5000 Palestinians , many who are children are killed , when 1000 lie under the rubble then it is war and they deserve it,

  8. Here we go with further evidence that Climate Nexus guy has good knowledge within his limited area of expertise. He has a profound lack of critical reasoning skills. So when he gets outside his area of competence, he comes up with ridiculous things. Most of it seems to come from a cold war anti communist and racist mindset.
    I do not care much about his fulminations against CBC. I have found it unwatchable for a long time. I really cannot stomach his adoption of Zionist hate propaganda against the Palestinian people.
    I keep hearing all this Hamas eats babies type of propaganda. I spend a good deal of time searching the net for information. I have yet to see any evidence that Hamas people actually did any of this.
    Yet there is abundant evidence of Israeli crimes against the Gazan civilian population. This is really bad. It looks like the lunatic Netanyahu government is aiming at flat out genocide against a trapped population.
    I very smart blogger has written a piece about the origins of the present problem in Gaza. I suggest climate guy read it and assimilate it before blowing off again on the topic. https://adultsincharge.blog/2023/10/20/gaza-no-way-out/

  9. In reply to Tim rorke:

    Just because you could not find evidence on the Internet of the carnage that was inflicted on Israelis doesn't mean it didn't happen. It seems to me that you want to believe that your Hamas friends couldn't possibly have committed such atrocities, so there for they didn't.

    It is because of people like you that the Israeli government had to convene a large group of international journalists and show them raw footage of actual Hamas video of these terrorists committing these brutal acts, along with their celebration of the results. None of the journalists came out saying that terrorism didn't happen, they were completely shocked and disgusted by the sheer savagery of the acts committed against innocent men women youth and babies, both born and unborn.

    Shame on you for putting your fanaticism before hard truths.

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