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18 Oct 2023 | News Roundup
  • It is more conferencing: “Scientists, officials and leaders will convene in Ōtautahi Christchurch in 2025 to help prepare countries, cities and communities for the effects of climate change.” Because you can never meet too often in posh locales. Thus “The United Nations’ Adaptation Futures Conference is held every two years around the globe, and the next event is expected to bring 1500 participants to the Garden City…. The week-long summit will be held at the award-winning Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre in late October 2025.” The convention centre offering “the rich and varied flavours of our country…. global expertise… world class standards… unique local experience… the very best in regional cuisine… produce from local farmers and ingredients from artisan producers… bespoke menus”. Whereas the proles get to eat bugs. Plus how are you all getting to New Zealand? Oh. By jet airplane.
  • Typical green economics: a headline in the Hill Times says “Climate crisis inaction isn’t worth the cost/ The impact of warming on today’s financial architecture could make the 2008 financial collapse look like child’s play.” Could. Might. If one thing we don’t know about causes another thing we also don’t know about, it could be huge. Or not.
  • Canada’s Captain Carbon is at it again. A story about the Canadian government replacing its aging giant jets that fly our PM about the globe reveals that “Publicly available data from online flight trackers list Can Force One taking to the skies 42 times between the time the House rose for the summer on June 22, and the beginning of the fall sitting on Sept. 18 – logging 87,821 km.” Forty-two, we cry in horror? Twice round the world? We must all make sacrifices. How was the food on board, by the way? Or aren’t we allowed to know?
  • All Pope all the time: for the second straight week a major New York Times columnist hails Francis’ not-a-climate-scientist views on climate. David Wallace-Wells praises his anger, as if wrath were not in fact meant to be a sin, and his “quite radical language, even for a pope who has long plotted his own complicated course as an outspoken progressive, alienating many Catholics along the way.” As for his opposition to abortion or gay marriage, well, it must be some other much dumber Francis.
  • An alert reader comments, on our piece about a coal freighter called MV Climate Justice, that he just “watched a Canadian flagged Chemical / Oil tanker entering the Welland Canal, named Gaia Desgagnes”. It is a real ship and, as he says, probably “helps the owner claim ESG bona fides”. Not that anyone’s greenwashing with petrochemicals or anything.

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  1. New Zealand declared a climate emergency 2nd December 2020. When they arrive in Christchurch for said conference, they will be in awe of the progress made. We are leading the way and fooly expect the major polluters to follow.

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