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04 Oct 2023 | News Roundup
  • You’ll never guess what the experts are now saying: “German climate experts warn that the consequences of global warming will have massive impacts on life on Earth, pointing to the record number of extreme weather events such as floods, heatwaves and forest fires this year.” Since we didn’t have a record number of extreme weather events, is it possible everything else they said was wrong too? Yes. They also said: “The opportunity to stabilize the climate with relatively little effort has been missed, experts said.” As if it was ever possible to “stabilize the climate” even with enormous effort.
  • In hyping a David Wallace-Wells column, the New York Times asks “How long can America’s climate hypocrisy last?” Well, to adapt a line from Marlon Brando, how long have you got? If he’s just discovering political hypocrisy now we wonder what exactly qualifies him to take up space in a major newspaper. And when he calls Catherine McKenna, Al Gore and António Guterres “centrists and technocrats” we have our answer: nothing.
  • Good thing Canada’s giving us billions, Volkswagen must be thinking, as Bloomberg reports that “Volkswagen Cuts EV Output at German Sites as Demand Craters”. Yup. Our politicians sure can pick winners all right. And who needs picky customers when you have gullible governments on the hook?
  • We’re really in for it now. But not for another quarter-billion years, if something else doesn’t get us first. Apparently humans could be wiped out in 250 million years due to the formation of a “supercontinent” which for some reason is uninhabitable. At least they’re recognizing that powerful natural climate change has always been a feature of life on Earth and always will be. But the foolishness is thinking that as a rule, supercontinents have been hostile to life. You have to study the history.
  • Oh, and we have a tip for “The Band of Debunkers Busting Bad Scientists” profiled in the Wall Street Journal. They’re doing a great job exposing papers based on bad data, even the fraudulent kind. And showing that “peer review” is far from being a silver bullet. But in all its examples and discussion it doesn’t once mention climate. And there’s a big problem in that field with researchers finding what they wanted to.
  • After Nobel-prize-winning physicist John Clauser expressed pointed doubts about climate alarmist orthodoxy, claiming that climate is largely self-regulating through the action of clouds, his scheduled talk to the IMF was cancelled. Clauser was one of three winners in 2022 and also won a third of the prestigious Wolf Prize in 2010, in both cases for his work on quantum mechanics so don’t try disparaging his credentials. The IMF insists it was purely organizational, nothing to see here folks. Certainly not that alarmists have captured the commanding heights of finance, academia and culture and are ruthlessly suppressing dissent. Heck no. They’re the brave idealists fighting vested interests.
  • From the “tree shmee” file, David Gelles in the New York Times amplifies computer geek billionaire Bill Gates’ contempt for nature, quoting the latter that “I don’t plant trees.” Gelles says he followed up regarding “the voguish notion that planting enough trees might somehow solve climate change” and Gates snapped “That’s complete nonsense. Are we the science people or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?” Alas, which you want to be and which you are sometimes diverge.
  • Convergence, a “Magazine for Radical Insights” in case you don’t get enough from your politicians, and professors, sounds alarm bells about the Sierra Club going all bourgeois. “For the last decade, climate justice organizers have seen the Sierra Club as a critical lever for moving a climate agenda that centers equity and just transition…. But beginning in May, the organization accelerated a restructuring process that included layoffs of the entire equity and environmental justice teams and of senior staffers, several Black women and other women of color among them.” Gad. Has even the Sierra Club twigged about that “Go woke, go broke” thing?

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  1. Dear God. A POC loses a job. Disaster. And in a diversity and justice team too. Will the agony never end?

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