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23 Aug 2023 | News Roundup

  • On the left, the BBC weather forecast for July 12 1999 with temperatures reaching 29C shown as orange on the map and described as “one more day of fine and dry weather.” On the right, an August 9 2023 GB News headline with the same or lower temperatures shown as a blazing red map under a headline “Scorching 28C heat to smash Britain as maps turn red.” Behold the manmade climate crisis.
  • Cornered by a reporter on whether he was prepared to declare a climate emergency, U.S. President Joe Biden babbled that “We’ve already done that”. The Washington Post restricted itself to paraphrasing his gibberish (and the Weather Channel posted “4 Key Moments” rather than the full interview including his claim that “We’ve passed a $368-billion climate control facility”) lest readers suspect that the real emergency in Washington is an incapacitated president with a VP too flaky to be allowed into the top job.
  • Meanwhile Canada’s Captain Carbon is at it again, flying his family to B.C.’s west coast in his huge Airbus then taking his whole cabinet to Prince Edward Island over 5,500 kilometers away for a three-day “retreat” where they will… drum roll please… discuss fighting climate change.
  • In keeping with the old joke about losing money on every sale but making it up on volume, the latest Canadian government subsidy to that dynamo of innovation the Ford Motor Company to make products no one wants means the total from Ottawa for EV components has reached $32 billion. Which Blacklock’s Reporter notes is “twice the annual output of the entire Canadian auto sector.” Industry Minister François-Philippe Communism gushed that “It’s pretty remarkable what we have achieved in just a few months.”

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  1. What's $32 billion (double for the unborn taxpayers with interest) when you have 1.6% of planetary salvation to assign to the dead hand of our government. Like the vast majority of central planning and industrial strategy, most will be another example of the Midas touch of the state without anything resembling gold but instead something malodourous.

  2. “….. a three-day “retreat” where they will… drum roll please… discuss fighting climate change…”

    Actually, they will be discussing how the topic of CC can best be used as a vote smuckering agenda in the next election. None of them are technologically competent to actually come up with a “plan” to fight any real problem.

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