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12 Jul 2023 | News Roundup
  • And they never saw it coming: At the other COP, on biodiversity, there was much talk of a “landmark biodiversity plan” where rich countries would give poor countries a lot of money. Alas “A proposal is now under discussion to establish the fund with at least $200 million by December, but donor countries seem to be reluctant to agree on an initial budget.” Seems talk is cheap… again.
  • It came anyway: Canary Media tells us “Why vertical farming just doesn’t work/ Vertical farms save water, prevent pesticide pollution and avoid extreme weather – but their Achilles’ heel is their massive electricity use.” And thus the much-hyped “AeroFarms filed for bankruptcy in early June, citing ‘significant industry and capital market headwinds.’… And the entire vertical farm boom has busted, with venture funding for the sector plunging 91 percent over the last year.”
  • The New York Sun notes that as European governments increasingly crack down on lawbreaking climate activists making people’s lives miserable in an attempt to bypass normal democratic procedures, “The tactics of the European groups are being increasingly adopted by activists in America” and “In a recent video call with some 125 members of Declare Emergency and other allied groups, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a member of the so-called ‘Squad’ of Democratic lawmakers, said the activists should get ‘much more aggressive’ in their tactics”.
  • So apparently the smooth, glittering green energy transition is going so well that “The European Union will join an international effort to assess whether large-scale interventions such as deflecting the sun’s rays or changing the Earth’s weather patterns are viable options for fighting climate change.” And given their success so far, what could go wrong? Even if “UK missing climate targets on nearly every front, say government’s advisers”. Who knew totally reinventing the economy, society and the environment would be hard? Though the Guardian insists that it’s not, you just have to want it: “Britain has lost leadership in climate action and political failure means progress has stalled, Climate Change Committee says”.

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  1. The Guardian is a rag, unfortunately. 'Twas not always so, but the newspaper represents Capture, and from that viewpoint, is quite amusing. Especially if you are white, which the very many white senior management people employing a vibrant 'journalistic' crechè do not like. Although why one's amusement would extend to actually purchasing it....oh. People don't . It's a Trust Fund thing.

  2. In unrelated news, the inaugural meeting of the Committee for the Re-Organization of Everything Existing has been postponed, again, on account of Chairmammal Fish forgetting to book a room at the local library.

  3. So Europe led they way in allowing butchery of confused children but have been backtracking because the evidence of bad outcomes keeps growing.

    They led the world in green mummery and tolerating the climate/insane crackpots trying to shut everything down but are now backtracking and cracking down.

    Why in North America can’t we learn from the leaders in these fields and NOT MAKE THE SAME BLOODY MISTAKES THEY ALREADY MADE???

    Why can’t we instead learn from others failures instead of simply doubling down ?

  4. @Pat,we can't learn from others failures instead of simply doubling down,when you have one leader who literally tumbles down on a regular basis(Biden),and another leader who doesn't know when to flip a pancake at the Calgary Stampede(Trudeau)!Splatter everywhere,so embarrassing!Far as rich countries giving hundreds of millions to undemocratic,lawless,human rights violating poor countries for a "biodiversity" plan,what could possibly go wrong with that idea!?

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