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Capitalism ate my health care

26 Apr 2023 | OP ED Watch

We try. Really we do. We try to keep people from becoming paranoid about the WEF, COVID and some vast plot to kill off humanity so as to enslave the skeletal remains. But they don’t make it easy. Instead in an amazing piece of drivel, a report by Canada’s Public Health, Climate and Raging Communism Agency announces “Fundamental changes in our socioeconomic structures are needed to rebuild our relationships with each other and with our planet”. And you just know what kind: “These core drivers of climate change – extraction, capitalism, and colonialism – were also described as the root of polarization and fragmentation witnessed recently in public health.” Right. Not central planning, casual shelving of key rights, or public sector arrogance. Climate ate my health care, and capitalism ate my climate. Arise, ye prisoners of hyperthermia: “If we don’t address capitalism, if we don’t address colonialism, racism, the patriarchy, et cetera, we’re going to tread water for a long time until we eventually drown” in our own rhetorical sludge. But don’t worry, they have a plan to have a plan: “It’s really about the foundations of our society, the capitalist system, the culture of extraction – and we need to change that. How do we do that?” Well, as G.K. Chesterton said, “The next revolution is always perfect”, so why sweat the details? Even if the current staging and costumes are so unpromising you wouldn’t give them candy on Hallowe’en.

We realize in public life you cannot allow your statements and actions to be determined by the lunatic fringe. But was it really a good idea for the government agency headed by COVID mask/lockdown/compulsory-vaccination/intolerance point person Teresa Tam to accept this report as reasonable and in keeping with its agenda? Couldn’t she have said hang on, capitalism isn’t perfect but it’s created both wealth and freedom on a scale no other system has ever even started to deliver so let’s keep calm and carry on?

Indeed, can anyone think of a better way to fuel every conspiracy theory you can think of than to have her, of all people, accept and publish such a document, unless perhaps she were to step up to a podium, rip off her mask and reveal that she actually is Klaus Schwab?

The report also speaks to a collapse of intellectual rigour in Canadian public life. It reads like an undergraduate essay in grievance studies, with such deep thoughts as that individual liberty “advances the individual over the collective, it says ‘as long as I get what I want, bugger you’” and well generally when you can’t think, cuss instead.

Tristan Hopper in the National Post observes that:

“A new Health Canada report suggests public health officials should be openly advocating for the toppling of capitalism, Western society and even the very concept of ‘liberty and individualism.’… The paper – written by three authors who ‘identify as white settlers’ – also recommended that Canadian public health actions should focus on ‘decolonization, justice and equity’ above all.”

Yeah. Never mind actually getting people the surgery they need, or even the consultation. Booooooring. But on what basis would one put forward such a thing? At least Das Kapital went on for hundreds of pages and included statistics. Not now:

“The 72-page report, What We Heard: Perspectives on Climate Change and Public Health in Canada, was commissioned to detail the ‘impacts of climate change on the health and well-being of people living in Canada.’ The authors surveyed 30 academics and public health experts for their input…. But the Health Canada report is careful not to get into specifics: There is no explicit mention of a condition or infectious illness that is expected to become worse in Canada as a result of climate change. Rather, the report features Canadian public health professionals explaining how they should focus on ‘less tangible determinants,’ such as ‘legal, colonial and racist factors.’”

So we just change everything, and after lunch world peace. Well, once we deal with the deplorables and class enemies. And undergo turgid re-education because the report itself, cutting and paste from that Grievance 301 paper, drones:

“An intersectional approach involves recognizing that a category like ‘woman’ is insufficient for understanding the unique experiences of discrimination and oppression that an Indigenous woman might experience in contrast to a white woman, or a gay Black woman with disabilities might experience in contrast to a heterosexual, Indigenous woman who is not living with disability. Working toward health equity must be intersectional.”

Yeah. Because otherwise you might treat individuals as individuals and in an examining room where you are feeling vulnerable nothing could be less affirming than seeing you as a human being not an example of something.

Also, with boring predictability and no individuality:

“Collectively, we have a deep appreciation for Indigenous Peoples’ close and continuing relationship to the land and waters that we live upon and we are committed to a lifelong learning journey toward becoming good guests here.”

To which we say great, go on that lifelong learning journey and call us when you get back... in 30 or 40 years. Meanwhile we’re going to look elsewhere for useful advice, because if you were looking to fuel paranoia that you’re becoming a totalitarian a great way to do it would be, as Hopper notes, to sound like one:

“Another theme was that public health officials should be more ‘courageous’ in pushing for policy typically considered outside their purview. This included promoting ‘low meat’ diets, designing housing policy, and advocating against the extraction and use of fossil fuels.”

Cool. Because now you get to worry whether your doctor in giving advice about food is secretly worrying more about the WEF’s agenda than your petty health. What a way to rebuild trust and social cohesion.

P.S. The report also predictably calls for more money for its authors and people like them, because if they are lavishly funded to fight climate change fewer people will go to hospital. And they won’t have to go on some dreary low-meat diet either.

5 comments on “Capitalism ate my health care”

  1. If colonialism is a core driver of climate change, then it is morally incumbent on us to undo the effects of colonialism by demanding that all Europeans, and the English is particular, should go back home and leave Canada to its rightful owners. Fair enough. But wait - doesn't England deserve the same colonial redress? We were, after all, colonised by Normans in 1066. Normans go home! And before them we were colonised by Danes and Scandinavians (known somewhat loosely as Vikings), and before them by Angles and Saxons from Northern Europe. And don't forget the Romans, and several hundred years before the Romans those red-headed savages from Central Europe called Celts. Go back where you came from, the lot of you!
    By the way, didn't our so-called First Nations originally come from somewhere in Asia over the Bering land-bridge before it got submerged by rising sea levels a few thousand years ago? Could one make a case that their colonization of the Americas resulted in the climate change that caused that sea-level rise?

  2. This sad, pathetic dribble speaks to an emasculated, craven, self loathing mindset that bears no resemblance to the real world people they are playing to. Average age, I would guess, 29 years. Children, who, amazing to relate, we actually accord some respect. Bewildering. But that we do, speaks to our decadence and the accelerating End to which we are collectively committed.

  3. Now you've done it,Mr.Graves. After a wonderful historical chronology, you spoke an inconvenient truth about the "First Nations". Many feel slight unease when this is brought up as a matter of history. Perhaps we should only listen to indigenous historians as the only "qualified" raconteurs of their history. Any other person telling it must be some evil colonialist! Bravo for writing it out clearly!

  4. Roger Graves presents a clear rebuttal to the woke who seem to have historical grievances. Fortunately we have recorded history in Canada by the eminent author Lord Conrad Black. I am not interested in “listening” to history that is not backed up by references and historical documents, as suggested by Mr. Lenihan.

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