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Climate air heads

19 Apr 2023 | OP ED Watch

Last week it was more home runs due to climate heating. Inconveniently, Roger Pielke Jr. noted that home runs have not increased in any baseball leagues other than MLB. Today it’s broken bones in an airplane. Whatever will it be tomorrow, other than more hot air? According to Carolyn Barber in Fortune, and she is a doctor, airplanes have always encountered turbulence but “In an era of rapid climate change… What pilots face in 2023, experts say, is a different order of challenge altogether: an increase in both the frequency and the intensity of climate-related issues, coupled with a pronounced lack of pilot training in key areas.” Or not, since there’s been no statistically significant change in the trivial number of “serious turbulence injuries” on American domestic flights since 2009 (under three a year). Still, “You should plan for a future in which you’ve always got your seatbelt on while flying” because alarmist rhetoric is getting hurled around the cabin even if passengers are not.

For instance:

“Clear-air turbulence is invisible ‘not only to the naked eye but also to the onboard weather radar,’ says Paul Williams, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Reading and an international expert on the subject. ‘It is one of the few weather phenomena that render the radar completely useless. Often, the first indication that there’s any clear-air turbulence on a flight path is when the aircraft is already flying through it.’”

We are all going to fly… inside the plane. Chased by lumps of overcooked beef in slime. If you do get clobbered, by the ceiling of the plane or a tray of food or someone’s luggage, it will be your own fault unless you are a climate activist flying privately. You see:

“Air travel is, of course, one of the drivers of climate change in its own right. Greenhouse gas emissions from commercial air travel, which accounts for 3 to 4% of the U.S. total, are running well ahead of earlier projections.”

Most of which is probably due to bloated government and celebrity delegations to COP and WEF meetings. And once again, the settled science is continually twisting and turning and everything is getting worse: “The UN estimates that global airplane emissions of carbon dioxide will triple by 2050.” But don’t think you’re buying any friends with your green pieties: “While the industry is beginning to make noises about turning to sustainable aviation fuel and electrified or hydrogen-powered aircraft to decarbonize the process of flying, that is a long, slow turn.” Yeah. In the wizard’s balloon, maybe.

Did we mention that it gets worse? It seems that:

“Bumpy air, even violently bumpy air, is not all pilots are dealing with in a climate-changed sky. [John] Nance, the aviation expert who has written extensively on the topic, notes that the additions of CO2 and trace gases to the atmosphere have resulted in higher levels of heat transfer overall. ‘What that means is you energize the storms to a greater extent,’ he says. ‘You’re going to have hotter hots, colder colds, more energetic hurricanes and typhoons and cyclonic disturbances. You’re going to have thunderstorms arising that are much more energetic.’”

Of course you might wonder why, if flying is becoming a bone-breaking ordeal, it keeps getting more popular. But see:

“‘You’re looking at more storms, more lightning, more turbulence. And there’s clear and documented evidence statistically that it’s all happening more frequently,’ says Nance. ‘It’s irrefutable at this point.’”

Irrefutable. Experts say. The wings will fall off the smoking, sparking hull of your next upside-down, broken-in-half flight. No, really. And you’ll be hit by a baseball on the way down.

2 comments on “Climate air heads”

  1. “‘You’re looking at more storms, more lightning, more turbulence. ... It’s irrefutable at this point.’”
    One of the beautiful things about climate alarmism is that you can say whatever you want about the dire effects of rising CO2 levels and no-one, at least no-one in the mainstream media, will contradict you.
    A recent report from the IPCC (Incredible Pronouncements on Climate Catastrophe) predicts that any further increases in CO2 levels will cause your toenails to explode. The IPCC recommends that you wear armoured socks at all times.

  2. I have watched many of the 'Mayday' series programs. Nance appeared in many of them. I always thought (past tense) that he was intelligent. I now stand corrected.

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