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29 Mar 2023 | News Roundup
  • More on Biden’s Trade War III: “The European Union is stepping up its green tech subsidies as it aims to compete with the United States and China.” And the C.D. Howe Institute urges the feds to “provide a tech-neutral Canadian package of investment tax credits for clean tech such as batteries and components, zero-emission fuels, and strategic inputs. Clean finance capacity should be doubled, and selective spending can also be used.” Plus the kitchen sink.
  • Also, companies that thought they could fudge their way to green cred are finding it harder and harder: “This week, the European Commission and Australia are increasingly cracking down on greenwashing as the EU proposes new rules on environmental labeling, while Australia’s competition watchdog considers a complaint made against Etihad airlines.” The extremists really mean it, and you’re playing their game except to them it’s no game. (And even cryptocurrency attracts their wrath.)
  • Now that spring is finally trudging in, we’re told it’s proof of climate breakdown again: “Spring Is Starting Earlier – It’s Not Your Imagination” says the publication still officially called Scientific American though Steady Alarmism might be a better title. Why, the vultures are gathering… literally: “If you need proof that climate change has altered the wildlife of the city, look no further than the black vultures soaring above Midtown Manhattan” because “weather patterns have warped”. Not changed. Warped.
  • Activists who are not winning the public debate they insist already ended increasingly turn to courts to impose their preferences on dopey citizens.
  • And the fact checks continue: an alert viewer sends us screen-capture video that reveals that if you turn off Facebook’s heckling message on our videos about “how the average temperature in your area is changing” the video won’t play. We have ways to make you alarmist.

2 comments on “Tidbits”

  1. “how the average temperature in your area is changing”
    If you follow the link and fact check that link you will find it is full assumption, misleading data, and unprovable assertions backed only by flimsy evidence. I am particularly annoyed that they would pretend to know more about my local weather than me. I have been observing it first hand for most of my 80 years I think that trumps NOAA doubtful data and Facebook opinion.
    BTW. We are having a very late and cold spring where I live. That however is not so unusual and, most definitely, not caused by your SUV.

  2. Thanks to Facebook Memories, here in the northeast, we’ve had earlier springs and later winters. The last time Easter fell in March, it was t-shirts and shorts weather. Since then we’ve had winters still going strong as we were hit with storms that left several inches of snow. I love how the first is considered proof of climate change and the latter is just weather…

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