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08 Mar 2023 | News Roundup
  • We have repeatedly noted the ways EVs don’t get the job done, including hauling heavy loads. And the New York Times accidentally agrees with us: “Electric vehicles are starting to look more like the rest of America’s automobiles: big. As electric vehicles bulk up, questions about safety and environmental impact grow.” So for now you’re told not to worry, the EV will do everything your current car does. But once you let them ban internal combustion, well, try to find the pea.
  • Also, the Financial Times warns, “US-Europe trade tensions heat up over green subsidies/ EU officials fear Biden’s climate law will undermine the bloc’s own efforts to drive green investment…. Joe Biden’s administration hopes to unleash a green revolution by offering hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to clean energy companies, but the US president’s flagship legislation also threatens to spark a fresh trade war…. French President Emmanuel Macron said recently that the new climate law threatened to “fragment the West”.” Why didn’t someone say saving the planet was harder than spending borrowed money?
  • And in Germany there are warnings of as many as 900,000 industrial jobs being lost if the EU really does ban the manufacture of gasoline and diesel cars; the head of IG Metall calls it a “red alert” (“Alarmstufe Rot” – the article is in German). So firms that went along with Net Zero to get along are discovering yet again that even if the crocodile eats you last, he still eats you.

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  1. There are not even half as much critical minerals being mined, or planned to be mined in the future, to meet even the 2030 transition goal requirements. Companies that are moving away from ICE vehicles will find they no longer have a viable business in the next 10 years as the costs of electric vehicles, not to mention windmills and solar panels, soar as demand for increasingly unavailable minerals strain available supplies. And all so that when you receive you EV you have generated over double the CO2 that the person receiving their ICE vehicle. And it will take about 100,000 miles of driving to break even based on a 200 mile range battery. If your battery lasts that long, and as soon as you have to replace the battery you’re in CO2 deficit again.

  2. The public will NOT be driving private vehicles. Public transportation is the goal. Private cars will be restricted to 'essential' sectors. Everyone else will walk, bike or ride the mass transport.

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