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01 Mar 2023 | News Roundup
  • Supposedly alternative energy is fast becoming cheaper than fossil fuels and already did. Yet Parker Gallant calculates that on February 19th alone wind turbines in Ontario cranked out so much unneeded power, at $135/MWh, that we ended up selling 69k MW to Michigan, New York and Quebec at a loss of $9.62 million, meaning we paid $759.51/MWh for the 12,666 MW we kept. As with Pyrrhus, more savings like that and we’ll be bankrupt. Because that was just one day; at an annual rate it would mean losing $3.5 billion.
  • Apparently one of the protestors who disrupted the American Geophysical Union meeting (their first-ever plenary session moderated by a trans scientist, no less) is astounded to have been fired from her cushy government job for having, a second time, engaged in such conduct. She has the courage of her convictions, of course. But consequences? Aren’t those just in books? Saving the planet is worth it and all, naturally, but surely you can trample all over other people’s plans without being punished if you’re very sure you’re a very good person.
  • While environmentalists debate whether trees are good for the climate or hideous carbon tubes, the Canadian government’s plan to add two billion to the 318 billion we already have, thus tweaking the delicate balance of nature decisively, still isn’t working. They think they’ve managed nearly 29 million, whereas forest companies harvest and replace a mere 600 million annually and the remaining 318 billion drop seeds or some weird plant thing. Then-Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said in 2019 “Our Party’s commitment to tree planting is an opportunity to get more trees planted where they’re needed most” (apparently Quebec, though you’d think “Earth” would do). But when Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson whined “I’ve never understood why these kinds of discussions have to be so confrontational,” maybe it’s because you follow vainglorious, headline-bait announcements about saving the planet with flubbing very simple tasks at public expense.

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