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15 Feb 2023 | News Roundup

Some of the things we’ve been discussing have a way of popping up over and over, so we’re going to offer a section in our newsletter where we follow up on a few of them in passing.

  • When German chancellor Olaf Scholz came to Canada seeking natural gas, Prime Minister Trudeau offered him imaginary “green hydrogen” (generated from alternative energy like wind, as opposed to the “blue” kind from industrial processes that actually work). But now, just as “A green energy pact that might be crucial for Canada’s emerging hydrogen sector will be signed later this month in Newfoundland by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz” the rubes are revolting: they don’t want a wind farm near them and are actually blocking access.
  • There is, of course, no plan to ban your gas stove, nooooo no no no. Except we hear via the Wall St. Journal that actually the U.S. Energy Department is cooking up regulations that would forbid most such stoves. And The Atlantic does mention that “J. Kenji López-Alt Thinks You’ll Be Fine With an Induction Stove/ But it may take some time to get used to.” J. K. L-A being “a chef, a New York Times columnist, and the author of The Food Lab and The Wok” who was, in fact, using a gas stove during the interview.
  • From Germany, via Clean Energy Wire, we learn that “Registrations of new electric vehicles collapsed in Germany following cuts in buyers’ premiums at the beginning of the year. Registrations for battery electric vehicles dropped about 83 percent to 18,100 in January from 104,300 in December, when many people rushed to receive the full subsidy… The share of e-cars fell to 15 percent in January from more than 55 percent in December”. Tell us again how they’re actually a better deal and consumers know it.

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  1. Using best case hydrolysis, it takes 47 kwh of energy to produce 1 kg of Hydrogen containing 36.6 kwh of energy. That says all you need to know of our PM's level of intelligence or deceit.

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