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Heavy snowfalls and ice storms: what the IPCC Atlas has to say

18 Jan 2023 | Science Notes

We’ve mentioned on occasion the IPCC Interactive Atlas which can show either summaries of model projections for the future or observed trends from the recent past. In view of the record-breaking cold and snow we had over Christmas in North America and Europe, we went to the Atlas to find what the trends are for heavy snowfalls and ice storms. And the answer is... a big nothing.

Literally. Nowhere in the world is there evidence of a regional trend up or down:

You get the idea? Purple or mauve is rising, with or without blame, yellow or orange is falling, with or without blame, and the entire map is… white. The absence of colour means, in this case, the IPCC has no data from anywhere on Earth indicating a trend up or down in episodes of heavy snowfall or ice storms. Not here in Canada, or down in Australia, or anywhere in between. So don’t get rid of your snow shovels just yet.

2 comments on “Heavy snowfalls and ice storms: what the IPCC Atlas has to say”

  1. The IPPC. That great fountain of truth. If there was a warming trend they'd show it. Because there's a cooling trend, they won't show it. That's the best they can do to convince us that it's going to get warmer.

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