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Everybody knows: electric vehicles are the wave of the future

26 Oct 2022 | Science Notes

From Keith in California, EVs are so inevitable, gasoline stations are about to go extinct. And the cliches accelerate from there. Internal combustion engine cars are fast becoming obsolete. EVs are necessary to save the planet. Energy transition. Electrification. Tesla! Look at those dinosaur car companies, they don’t even see the asteroid headed their way. But, at the risk of being called old-fashioned and ornery, epithets you may frequently be tempted to hurl in our direction, we have to ask: if all this is true, why do governments need to subsidize EVs so much, and why are they proposing to ban gasoline cars? If EVs really are so superior, why do we need to force people to buy them?

Because none of it is true. EVs cost far more to buy than comparable gasoline-powered cars, which is why they remain playthings of the rich. Who usually own a gas-powered car as well, which they drive twice as much. Probably because EVs can’t go nearly as far on a single charge as a gasoline car can go on a single tank of gas. Or maybe because of the fire hazard. And despite lavish subsidies EVs aren’t selling. Because of soaring electricity costs (thank you renewables) they cost more to run. Their batteries wear out and cost a fortune to replace. There isn’t enough electricity for everyone to operate one. And, as if that weren’t enough, they aren’t any better for the environment. They don’t reduce CO2 emissions. Not even if people get rid of gasoline cars and only use EVs. And the battery manufacturing process is an ecological disaster.

Everybody knows EVs are the future. But we think it’s time to pull the plug on that widespread misconception.

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One comment on “Everybody knows: electric vehicles are the wave of the future”

  1. If by old-fashioned you mean being around long enough to see nary a single thing these nattering nabobs of negativity have screamed about for decades come true. Then I'm proudly old-fashioned!! And if by ornery you mean having a spine to stand up to those NNN's and their ridiculous drivel. Yep I'm that too! Good on ya CDN!

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