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German drought: unpleasant but not unprecedented

31 Aug 2022 | Science Notes

We recently came across a record of precipitation in Germany since 1881 courtesy of NoTricksZone. And widespread insistence that this summer’s extreme dryness is totally unprecedented und weitere Beweise der menschengemachten Erderwärmung (more proof of manmade global warming, which sounds even scarier in German) necessarily implies that precipitation in Deutschland is trending lower and lower. But it isn’t. While four of the driest summers have taken place in the last 30 years, so have 4 of the wettest. And overall there just isn’t a pattern.

Here is the record we’re referring to:

Well yes, you might say, those may be the facts. But who cares what the historical record shows. Experts are telling us that ... what was it they said again? “There is no evidence of changes in the severity of hydrological droughts since 1950 in Western and Central Europe.” Wait, what experts? Only the IPCC in their latest Assessment Report, as quoted by Roger Pielke Jr. He goes on that in Western and Central Europe:

“the IPCC and the underlying peer reviewed research on which it assesses has concluded that drought has not increased and, logically, that increased drought cannot be attributed to human-caused climate change. The only exception here is that the IPCC has medium confidence in an increasing trend of soil moisture deficits in some subregions, however the IPCC has low confidence that this trend can be attributed to human-caused climate change.”

The coming German energy crisis, on the other hand, can definitely be blamed on human-caused climate change policy. And doing such a thing to oneself on purpose definitely is unprecedented.

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  1. I was stationed at Augsburg W. Germany thru the mid-1970s, as I recall the summer of 1976 was very warm. This was smack in the middle of the "Comming New Ice Age", there was even a Very rare Tornado in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. I was not impressed by the record "High Temperatures" because my home was Atlanta Georgia and my last duty station was in Alabama, but the Tornado bothered me as I was in the middle of an F3 during the 'Great Tornado Out brake of 1974' in Hunstville AL, and still had some post Tornado 'PTSD'!

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