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CDN by the Sea: Tromso Norway

01 Jun 2022 | Science Notes

We haven’t had much luck finding rising sea levels down in the south thus far on our virtual tour. So we went north this time, all the way to the north coast of Norway, north by northeast to Tromso. Because it’s a town in the Arctic, where as everyone knows the ravages of climate change are worse than the worst thing ever, we figured the rising seas would have put the whole place under by now. Not quite yet, as it turns out.

Tromso sea levels are going up by 0.317 mm per year, at which rate it will take 3,156 years to rise by one meter. And of all the things that people in the year 5078 will be thinking about, we doubt the sea level in Tromso will be one of them.

If we’re wrong and they are, it will probably be along the lines that with 3,000 years to adjust to this minor change they had no special difficulty coping and isn’t it weird why people panicked about it at the time. Then they will jump into their starship and go at warp speed through the wormhole to the far side of the galaxy to see what strange stuff people are worrying about there.

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