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The people in charge wish they had more clout

16 Mar 2022 | OP ED Watch

Over at the “The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy” there was a roundtable of climate scientists, if you count those both from physical and social sciences who are not “climate scientists”, to discuss the “scientific understanding of why arguments for delaying action on climate change are appealing” and how they can be countered. And if you think “Why don’t you just try refuting them using facts and logic?” you are obviously behind the times since the assembled experts instead zeroed in on the real issue, which is the need to expose the dark conspiracy that controls the world. “[There] have been for decades, and still are, forces arrayed against the cause of climate action – running the gamut from self-interest and short-term thinking, to deliberate disinformation campaigns that are as insidious as they are invidious.” Yeah, either that or what you’re proposing is expensive and unworkable.

Still they try. Now Pope Francis appears to have created “a unique collaboration between the Vatican, an international coalition of Catholic organizations, and ‘all men and women of good will’” to stifle intelligent debate on climate. So if you didn’t get an invite, well, you are a deplorable who lacks good will or something. You could instead try your luck at joining the moms who are now against climate change, which the New York Times “Climate Forward” – whose parent publication increasingly struggles to speak the word “woman” – is content to promote even at the risk of using traditional stereotypes of womanhood. Hence “A calamity that strikes your child can drive any mother to extraordinary action.”

The article concedes that “Of course, many climate groups have long been led by women who happen to be mothers. But what I’m referring to here are groups that deliberately deploy mom moral authority.” And while “Thing is, moms are never just moms” sometimes they are very mommy: “’We are mothers and we know what our kids are going through’”. And of course “Mom-led environmental movements are not new. Mothers of East Los Angeles, or MELA, was among the first groups to call out environmental racism”. So it’s kind of an intersectional thing. With a hint of class snobbery: a member of Sunrise Kids in New York City confesses, “We are a mostly white, middle to upper class group based in Brooklyn. This is a constituency that has access to power and resources and has a responsibility to take action.” Now pass the chardonnay.

This idea that all crises are one, all virtues are one and all vices are one is very prevalent. Thus Canada’s scofflaw environmental minister Tweeted obsequiously on International Women’s Day that “Any solution to the #climatecrisis cannot and will not succeed without the leadership and inclusion of women.” Because just solving one massive crisis at a time is insufficient for these giants. (His plan doesn’t include him personally stepping down in favour of a woman but you can’t have everything.)

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