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We finally figured out the answer

09 Feb 2022 | OP ED Watch

Reuters reports that the UN Secretary General recently demanded we crank global governance up to 11, since evidently whatever that world-governmenty thing that meets in New York has been doing up to now isn’t enough. “’We must go into emergency mode and put out this 5-alarm fire,’ Guterres said. ‘All these challenges are, at heart, failures of global governance,’ he said. ‘From global health to digital technology, many of today's multilateral frameworks are outdated and no longer fit for purpose.’” While we struggle to recall the UN’s past successes, we agree about its present failures. Including the bit where it doesn’t make China stop burning more and more coal. Or Germany, to be fair, which has had to crank it up because it even shut down its nuclear plants in a mad gamble on wind and solar… and for nothing.

You can’t say the man doesn’t think big. His demands for One World Government, and his efforts to fuel paranoia, include “Guterres pushed for vaccines for all and actions to battle the pandemic ‘grounded in science and common sense.’” Which we do not think means what he thinks it means. Reuters continues “He branded the global financial system ‘morally bankrupt’ because it ‘favours the rich and punishes the poor’ and called for reform to support the needs of developing countries.” And if the Green New Deal types get their way, heck, it will be financially bankrupt as well.

He's cool with it. “’Unless we take action now, record inflation, soaring energy prices and extortionate interest rates could lead to frequent debt defaults in 2022, with dire consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable,’ Guterres warned. He said an ‘avalanche of action’ is needed to fight the climate crisis, including increased investment in renewable energy and no new coal plants and no expansion in oil and gas exploration.”

His avalanche of rhetoric continued, with “Technology shouldn't use us, we should use technology,” which has been said many times before, arguably including by Karl Marx with his obsession with “alienation”, though it is not clear that it has been understood by anyone who said it. Still, might as well fix the human condition, right? And after lunch, world peace: “He pledged to ‘spare no effort to mobilize the international community and step up our push for peace’ as he said the world faced the highest number of violent conflicts since 1945. ‘This world is too small for so many hot spots,’ said Guterres.”

Um, is the plan to make the world bigger then? Because if so, alas, “C’est tout ce que nous avons en boutique pour l’instant”, to borrow a phrase from Gueuselambix in Asterix chez les Belges. Or maybe he has some plan to cool down the hot spots that has eluded all previous sages and statesmen. Perhaps a global carbon tax imposed by… uh… whatever replaces the UN and actually works.

See how simple it all is?

3 comments on “We finally figured out the answer”

  1. But keep saying 'there is no conspiracy to create a global government. there is no conspiracy to create a global government. there is no conspiracy to create a global government.'
    While proving there is one. Do also disbelieve in Cognitive Dissonance, cuz...

  2. The UN is an irrelevant post WWII relic that no longer even attempts to solve conflicts. Instead it works for big pharma, big tech, big finance and the WEF. Scrap it.

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