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Nothing it can't do

22 Dec 2021 | OP ED Watch

Prices are starting to rise, which most sensible observers attribute to endless government borrowing and printing of money while locked-down economies produce less and less. But there are other views. For instance that the cause is… climate change. “The full effect of lingering pandemic-related food supply chain disruptions, high inflation, labour and transportation issues, climate change and extreme weather events on next year’s grocery bills remains to be seen.” But we’ll tell you anyway. Even if it gives you a heart attack… because yes, climate change causes those too.

The food story explains, if it’s the right word for an article that blames price increases on inflation, that “grocery prices are increasing alongside those for other items, such as rent and gasoline.” Why? Well, for “bakery and vegetables” it’s

“severe weather in 2021: drought and unprecedented high temperatures in Western Canada. ‘We saw this year that climate was a big story affecting grains and produce in some parts of our country, especially in the west’” according to Dr. Sylvain Charlebois of Dalhousie University’s Agri-food Analytics Lab and report lead author. ‘We are expecting the same in 2022 again.’”

Then there’s flooding in BC, plus “Arizona and California will likely have a drier and warmer winter, which has the potential to increase the price of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat, however, is among the categories forecasted to increase the least, at zero to two per cent.” Odd. But see, dried-up pastures and expensive feed have forced ranchers to flood the market.

Now we know what you’re thinking. How does any of this bad weather affect the price of gas? More, we mean, than a gas tax that deliberately makes it cost more to stop bad weather? Because there’s nothing climate can’t do. A study in the Iranian Journal of Public Health in 2017 predicted more than 4% increase in cardiovascular disease mortality if temperatures went up a degree. “By increasing temperature and the number of hot days the cardiovascular disease mortality increases and these increases will be intensified in the future decades. Therefore, necessary preventive measures are required to mitigate temperature effects with greater attention to vulnerable groups.”

Now you may accuse us of cherry-picking since that story is four years old. In fact we found that story in pursuit of a lead someone sent us to a news story we could not verify and did not print. But the point is if you Google “climate change heart disease” sure enough you find things like this very recent study “Cardiovascular risks of climate change”. Which actually says “The combined effects of heat, air pollution, individual age, and socioeconomic and health status are responsible for avoidable acute events of cardiovascular disease and need to be considered in order to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases effectively.” But like the inflation story, you just know that air pollution, age and illness are mere bagatelles. (As with that famous diagnosis in BC in June, which the MSM can’t get enough of.) The point is that “Climate change is altering the Earth’s global land and ocean temperatures.” And so there are more heat deaths because people who can cope with 30 degree swings from winter to summer can’t cope with 1 degree warming over a century. (And there fewer cold deaths but that’s just weather.) Besides “climate change does not only change temperatures but also has negative effects on other environmental conditions, including air pollution, such as from the increased occurrence of wildfires.”

Mind you it also kills crops and drives up food prices. Which might help people have better weight control. Except, and we all saw it coming, climate change causes weight gain. And of course weight gain causes climate change.

Seriously. Take anything bad, and do an online search of it and “climate change” and we’ll bet you get hits. See there’s nothing it can’t do. It even causes a decline in journalistic standards… which can’t have been easy.

4 comments on “Nothing it can't do”

  1. Comment on being able to deal with extremes of temp I have done so on sept 6 2021 I was in Las Vegas temp was 114 F and on Dec 16 in Calgary Ab it was
    0 degrees F a span of 114 F

  2. Yeah, it is funny how climate change always affects crops negatively. There is no mention of less early frosts causing severe damage or a dryer fall making harvest much easier to complete and improving crop quality. CO2 produces more robust weeds but no mention of more robust crops being able to compete better. Current weed control practices are very effective but apparently won't work in the future. Perhaps because carbon taxes make them too expensive to apply?
    There appears to be a potential balance of the effects of climate change but I cannot think of any effects for carbon taxes except a richer government (elites) and a poorer public (you and me.)

  3. Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax, apparently stated that avocado production is linked to a loss of biodiversity, water shortages and deforestation. Another woke person told me that she was trying to reduce her almond consumption because of the amount of water almond trees consume. I say to these woke people, instead of blaming farm workers for growing and harvesting avocados and almonds to have an income to buy food for their families, they should permanently stop taking baths and showers to save the earth’s water resources.

    Yes I heard Sylvain Charlebois state on a radio interview that food inflation was the result of climate change - despite the fact that inflation has hit all commerce, transportation, housing, work, heating, etc. The woke are more than we can stomach!

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