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More money than brainosaurus

03 Nov 2021 | OP ED Watch

A new video from the UN, of all lumbering organizations, shows a dinosaur warning UN delegates not to go extinct. It’s a pretty cool dinosaur, even for people who don’t generally think dinosaurs are cool (if there are such people) and reverses the stale trope of dinosaurs as dumb, clumsy and deserving to die out. But a serious CGI budget went into producing this thing, and cool people did the voiceover; in English it’s Jack Black of Jumanji franchise fame and much more. Then it was promoted on social media using we shudder to think what communication budget. But money can’t buy brains, and the video is mind-bogglingly stupid and childish, including its punchline “Don’t choose extinction” as if any sane person, including at the UN’s own IPCC, really thinks anthropogenic climate change could drive even the human race into extinction, let alone a majority of plants and animals on Earth as happened when the dinosaurs got it. Yet the UN is now totally down with it, including a website dontchooseextinction.com. What ever happened to dontchoosehyperbole.com?

In what NBC inexplicably labels a “light-hearted clip”, the dinosaur says “You’re headed for a climate disaster. And yet every year, governments spend hundreds of billions of public funds on fossil fuel subsidies. Imagine if we had spent hundreds of billions per year subsidizing giant meteors.”

Ha ha. Except the unidentified mid-sized therapod with arms like Godzilla then says indignantly “That’s what you’re doing right now.” Bosh. At the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event that brought down the curtain on the non-avian dinosaurs 66 million years ago, not 70 as in the video, and widely believed to have been the work of an asteroid not a meteorite let alone a meteor, something like three quarters of the plant as well as animal species on earth got it, including virtually every four-legged beastie weighing over 55 kg except a few “ectothermic” semi-aquatic species like sea turtles and crocodiles.

Does anyone seriously believe man-made global warming, even if RCP8.5 turns out to be right, is going to annihilate even humans let alone most of the non-bugosphere? Did even a high school science student vet this production?

Oddly, an increasing number of people do think so, or claim to, or talk as if they thought so without making any serious effort to connect their tongues to their brains. The rhetoric of many mainstream alarmists has become more and more apocalyptic and more and more detached even from the IPCC’s actual findings. The UN Secretary-General invented the term “code red” for the latest IPCC report which contained neither the phrase nor the idea. And now we get a cartoon dinosaur lecturing the UN courtesy of the UN. And media pass it on without warning that it’s wildly exaggerated.

It shows you how far they have drifted from serious debate that nobody at the UN went hang on, guys, this cutesy-poo video is rubbish. Or balked at the dinosaur warning that “Around the world, people are living in poverty” then suggesting that denying them affordable energy is just the thing to fix that issue. “Don’t you think that helping them would make more sense than, I don’t know, paying for the demise of your entire species?”

Frankly anything would make more sense than this ad. Except creating such a slick if moronic short to promote the idea that deniers have all the money.

2 comments on “More money than brainosaurus”

  1. It’s a change from being lectured by Greta, but has the same amount of logic.
    It just demonstrates the desperation of the UN, in trying to make a case for a fraudulent hypothesis.

  2. All the bankrupt welfare states (defined by the lack of intent to ever eliminate their growing debt) that just happen to be so well represented at COP 26 are also leading the global pack in throwing money at their respective and UN "science communities" contingent on exclusively reinforcing the CAGW hypotheses. It's really all about the money, from the bulging leviathan agencies and numerous newly created ministries (that would embarrass even the Monty Python skit writers) to the symbioses of politicians selling "salvation" while funding the causal hysteria. Given that their salvation usually involves impoverishment, the hysteria will eventually have to end I suppose.

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