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Dare you to post it on Facebook

21 Apr 2021 | Science Notes

As we reported in our April 14 newsletter, Facebook is setting up a large fact-checking unit to “combat misinformation” about climate change that they worry is making the rounds on Facebook, despite all its existing fact-checkers. The usual pattern of big tech climate fact-checking is that a youngster with an arts degree deletes anything that doesn’t fit the alarmist orthodoxy regardless of how much support it has in the scientific literature. So in this new feature we will give you a bit of denialist propaganda above the fold, and we invite, or dare, you to post it on Facebook to see how quickly it gets you censored. Below the fold we give you the source in the scientific literature, so you can send it to Facebook and try to get your account reactivated. This week’s dare: I keep hearing people say climate change is causing more flooding but it’s nonsense. Where? When? There’s no evidence flooding is any worse now in Canada or the US than it was a hundred years ago.

Regular readers of the Wednesday Wakeup have probably guessed what the source is for this: the IPCC’s 2012 Special Report on Extreme Weather which reported (p. 176)

“In the United States and Canada during the 20th century and in the early 21st century, there is no compelling evidence for climate-driven changes in the magnitude or frequency of floods.”

That’s what the experts say. But we dare you to post it on Facebook and see what kind of heckling ensues over your refusal to listen to… the experts.

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