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Don't buy that Paradise Bay condo just yet

09 Sep 2020 | Science Notes

The alarmists keep telling us the Antarctic is melting and sea levels will soon start rising rapidly. Despite their habit of sending scientific expeditions to the South Pole to prove the point, only to have them end up getting stuck in “unexpected” sea ice, they persist in saying the giant frozen continent is sliding under the waves. The problem, as a host of recent papers show, is that far from soaring, temperatures there do not just remain well below zero, they’re falling. As Kenneth Richard (h/t No Tricks Zone) reports, regardless of the predictions from climate models, if you are hoping Antarctica will soon be a balmy waterfront paradise, you will be waiting many lifetimes.

Richard reports on new studies from the McMurdo Valley, East Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula and Greenwich Island. All report either cooling then a flat trend over the past few decades, or cooling that continues up to the present.

As Richard notes, “In summary, scientists have been consistently documenting significant cooling trends throughout the Antarctic continent in recent decades despite the common media portrayals of rapid Antarctic warming in response to human activities.” As we noted last week, models predicted a lot of warming that never happened in the atmosphere. They also predict the Antarctic should be warming and melting, which isn’t happening either.

Other than that the science is of course settled.

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