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We are all going to die of climate plagues

02 Sep 2020 | OP ED Watch

If we don’t drown in the rising seas, we will drown in our own lungs. Or so we are told in another scary story from Phys.org. “Long-dormant viruses brought back to life; the resurgence of deadly and disfiguring smallpox; a dengue or zika “season” in Europe. These could be disaster movie storylines, but they are also serious and increasingly plausible scenarios of epidemics unleashed by global warming, scientists say.” Ah yes. The experts who say.

And of course the governments who say. The Weather Network goes full metal alarmism, saying “Heat and health have an incredibly strong link. And as Canadians in a warming world we must take this seriously. New information from the Government of Canada reveals that we could be on average 6°C warmer by the end of this century.”

Where do you think that 6°C warmer figure came from? You would win a free CDN T-shirt if we had merch for guessing that, yes indeed, once again it’s the exploded RCP8.5 scenario.

“When you think about that being the average temperature, that also means the extremes of temperature will be worse. Which means that the heat waves will be even hotter than what we experience now,” explains Dr. Renee Salas, Emergency Medicine Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. Wait, not a climate scientist? Oh but that rule only applies to skeptics. Thus, on the word of an ER physician, Canadians can look forward in terror to “increased problems involving: * Lungs * Heart * Liver * Kidneys”. And of course Salas adds that “the people most vulnerable will be the elderly and poor.”

Terrible, right? Well of course it gets worse as usual in the wacky world of climate alarmism where all effects of warming are bad and reinforce one another. In this case, you also get more superbugs. Yes, folks, it slices, it dices. “‘In the past year or two, they have linked hotter temperatures to bacteria actually becoming more resistant to antibiotics, which is something that scares all of us in medicine,’ says Dr. Salas.” And ‘it’s also been linked to worsening mental health problems and potentially increased suicide.’”

If only someone could invent a machine to lower the temperature inside buildings on hot days. And if only we had reason to think that over the next 80 years we will think of various other solutions to any bad things that might happen.

For all that, there’s one plague global warming certainly does cause. A massive infestation of scary studies at lavish taxpayer expense. Eric Worrall cites Yale Climate Connections’ list highlighting 13 major climate reports in 2020 alone, at least 6 with public funding, and linking to a longer list of 42. Choo choo. Alarmist gravy train coming through, knocking common sense aside as it rushes on.

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  1. Politicians claiming sufficient knowledge to parrot the CAGW hypothesis Ad nauseam while offering the salvation consisting of mythical wind and solar bromides along with decarbonization naturally can find the necessary funding to ensure "studies" reinforcing the hypothesis Ad infinitum. Prosperity be damned!

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