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1919 or 2019?

11 Mar 2020 | 1919 or 2019, Science Notes

Governments, media and activists keep insisting the weather today is completely different than it used to be and it’s all your fault. Whether winters are warmer or colder, it’s due to climate change, it’s more extreme, it’s bad and so are you. But what if the weather today is not much different than, say, a hundred years ago? Impossible, right? They say the climate catastrophe is already upon us. So if we put cool comfy 1919 beside hot and bothered 2019, it should be easy to tell which year is which. Including in Ottawa, where our elected rulers all insist today’s weather is nothing like the good old days. Well, this chart shows the 365 daily average temperatures in 1919 and 2019 as recorded at the Ottawa weather station (ID 6105976), taken from the Government of Canada website. So, all you politicians, is 2019 green or orange? What? Isn’t it obvious?

So here’s the graph with the line labels, orange for 1919 and green for 2019.

How did you do? Even with a fifty percent chance of guessing right, you wouldn’t have bet any significant sum on it, right, because there’s no discernible difference. And in case you think perhaps it’s just that Ottawa is insulated from reality, watch this space for similar quizzes in the weeks ahead.

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