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Do not ask questions

12 Feb 2020 | OP ED Watch

A London, Ontario city councillor is in a very hot climatic region for daring to study global warming. He was even caught reading books. Can you imagine? What’s more, this dangerous and irresponsible lunatic looked at both sides of the issue as if it were part of his job.

According to CTV, poor Michael Van Holst was caught with his hand in the book jar. Seems he got curious about this climate change thing the kids are talking about and decided to do something radical. Namely learn about it. By reading those “OK boomer” square paper things old people keep yammering on about that open on one side. Yes. The man bought books. What’s more he bought them on his expense account as if, as a councillor, he might be called upon to make judgements on the “climate emergency” the council he’s on already declared… or lack of it.

Not only did he buy books. He bought nine of them. What a maniac. And here’s the classic bit. The millennial CTV reporter exposing his crime writes that “CTV News has not read the books, but based on descriptions provided on Amazon.ca, at least two support the link between human-based release of carbon into the atmosphere and climate change, including the New York Times bestseller ‘On Fire: The burning case for a Green New Deal.’” So we didn’t read the books but we looked at a website.

On the plus side, they seem to have understood the website. On Fire was written by Naomi Klein, a controversial alarmist who pushes an extreme view on the need for radical climate policy to stop the imminent catastrophic climate emergency. Fortunately Mr. Van Holst also proposed to read books on the other side. “But”, says CTV, “questions are being raised about why taxpayers covered the cost of several of other – much more controversial books...” By which he meant the other side. Extreme Green New Deal raving is one thing, but evidence for a moderate view on this issue is dangerous nonsense.

Fortunately the cornered councillor didn’t immediately cave in to the attack. “I think I owe it to my constituents to be well informed about both sides of the debate...I've read about four-and-a-half books so far - very interesting books. Climate science is very fascinating. There are many natural things that are very interesting drivers of climate change as well.”

See? He opened his mind and now he’s a lost cause. And busted. He spent $134.58 on those books. And while a local environmentalist will forgive the purchase of the alarmist tomes, “The debate is done, the debate has been done for years” and if he buys the other forbidden kind “he'll have to answer to the voters in his ward about that.”

How true. And now thanks to CTV his voters know the truth. He looks at both sides of an issue before making up his mind. An attitude that must be punished swiftly and severely lest it spread.

One comment on “Do not ask questions”

  1. Did Greta wrote a book yet?
    I like to read that. Because she can see CO2.
    And I wonder or it is white?
    Why? This week again the atmosphere was full with white stuff.
    At first I thought it was snow, but that is a thing of the past.
    Greta would know, and Michael Van Holst now maybe too.
    When you see one of them, could you ask for me? Only one question?

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