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Maybe chase him on a scooter?

15 Jan 2020 | OP ED Watch

Obviously the solution to climate change is alternative energy if we could just get the wretched stuff to work. Which so far it’s not. Including the awkward admission by British police that their hundreds of oh-so-PC electric cars aren’t much use for their actual PCs, being too slow, to charge and drive, and too limited in range for pursuing criminals or rescuing citizens. Perhaps the answer is to subsidize hooligans’ purchases of electric get-away cars to level the playing field.

Another option would be to put electric scooters in the “boot” so the police could hop on them and continue the chase. Regrettably these vehicles, very popular among the woke crowd in the United States, have led to a huge increase in hospital admissions. And when there’s a collision you have to call the police leading to a downward spiral.

On the plus side, the Daily Mail reports, “almost all of the cars and vans are being used in non-emergency situations or by chiefs to get to work." So the chiefs get to look cool and please their political bosses. What else really matters?

One comment on “Maybe chase him on a scooter?”

  1. Isn't that exactly what they do, subsidize hooligans to purchase electric vehicles? Those leeches buy cars partly with taxpayers money and then don't pay for roads and everything else that get paid for with fuel taxes. Government breads leeches and support them.
    The scooters will take care of themselves by the sound of it.

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