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Tell the truth and...

08 Jan 2020 | OP ED Watch

Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein says “If the next federal Conservative leader is looking for a coherent policy on human-induced climate change, a good start would be honesty.” And we’re all for honesty. Goldstein wants the Tories to be frank that Trudeau’s plan is symbolic and Canada’s emissions are a tiny part of the global total especially given what China is doing. So far so good. The hard part is when they’re asked whether they believe climate change is an emergency and they make the jump to hyper-vague. How about an honest discussion on that point?

Goldstein calls on “a new Conservative leader” to be “unafraid” and to lay “the groundwork for an honest debate about what we should do going forward with climate policy”. After summarizing the range of views among the public on whether climate change is even a problem, he brushes it aside, saying “The real question is how much of their standard of living — given Canada’s abundant oil and gas resources — are Canadians willing to sacrifice to symbolically address climate change? A Conservative leader willing to raise that question, and answer it honestly, would be a worthy prime minister.”

Not true. Because before long the new leader would be assailed for not working to convince Canadians that they ought to be willing to sacrifice more. The real question isn’t how much Canadians are prepared to sacrifice but how much they should be, and you can’t discuss the latter without discussing science. And until a Conservative leader is willing to do so, nothing he or she says will help us confront the issue or help them win elections.

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  1. Kim Campbell was almost right: An election campaign is not the place to BEGIN a serious public policy debate. The next CPC leader has to start the discussion on climate change years before the next election campaign kicks off, if there is any hope of making traction.
    Start in Question Period by asking, once every day, "What new initiatives is this government undertaking to lead the way on reducing its carbon footprint? How many fewer flights will the government be paying for this year over last? How many fewer limos in their car pool?..."
    If the government isn't willing to cut back - if the GREEN Party isn't willing to cut back - there's no point preaching to the voters.

  2. Politicians do not have the scientific background to articulate the arguments that would be part of a public debate on the subject.
    If they tried and made any sort of error, CBC would destroy them. That's why election campaigns are so controlled. Straying from the pre-planned party platform is not safe.
    It's scientists who will have to lead us out of this mess. That's why climatediscussionnexus is so important. Once enough people realize the deception, they will not elect a politician who is pushing the alarmist climate change agenda.
    CBC needs to be threatened with having their license revoked if they continue to lie and promote alarmism. Why has this not happened already?
    Also, all educational institutions in Canada will then need to be thoroughly investigated and exposed for using curriculum that is based on the deception and for receiving funding from sources where obligations to support the scam in any way part of the exchange.

  3. Here's a 'Fiscal Monitor' site with information that would help people investigating the financial schemes tied to this issue.
    Also, please do some research on PM Justin Trudeaus' advisor, Dominic Barton. When such a highly influential and deeply connected person plays so many different roles and gets imbedded in our institutions and is clearly a climate change alarmist, someone needs to investigate thoroughly. Why isn't this happening?

  4. Let's follow the money. It's what people always say to find a conspiracy. The big, BIG money is in OIL companies. Because of them, there have been a lot of wars, and the middle east is a mess. Probably, they are too scared because they eventually will lose their power and profit when solar, wind, geothermal, and all renewable energies become accessible to everyone and become cheaper than oil. It will mean they are doomed. They have done it in USA very well, supporting politicians, and far-right organizations, where the climategate started. Now it seems they are aiming Canada... nice, let's all bow to OIL companie's eternal supremacy, and deny all climate change effects. And who cares? You in Canada won't be affected... soon... Great irresponsability from you CDN!!!

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